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  1. Greetings! I just received my 12 string Hummingbird back from Gibson Restoration. They put a new pick guard on that is rubbery, painted, and the edges are rolling up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the old pick guard was celluloid and embossed...correct??? I sent this to Gibson Restoration 10 months ago with a broken neck (Napa Earthquake) it came back missing its serial number...I sent it back, I got it back And it wasn't setup...the strings were laying on the neck AND there was overspray on the body...I sent it back.. NOW I received it, sounds great, but the pick guard is curling, pai
  2. Well, I sent an e-mail to Gibson with pictures attached and a wave file of the string buzz. They sent me a FedEx label, but no reply to the e-mail. I have a call in to Jeremy Morton at Gibson. I'm hoping he calls me back. I just don't understand. On the Repair Invoice (for the Serial Number) it said "Make Serial Number more noticeable... I have pictures! There was NO serial number...AND just to put the original serial number on took Months!
  3. Thanks guys for going out of your way for me!
  4. I just sent my 2010 Gibson Hummingbird 12 string to Gibson R n R. During the Napa earthquake a bookcase landed on it an broke it's neck😢. Anyone have experience with their workmanship ? It's the ONLY HB 12 made that year and is very special to me .
  5. Greetings! I am the proud owner of a 1997 Gem Series Amethyst Studio. It is mint! I hear a lot about the headstock breaking, wondering if others have see that. Also, what are your thoughts about P90 pickups?
  6. Very Cool. Thanks for the Trivia!
  7. My husband wants me to hang my guitars on the wall (all 9 of them). It makes me worry that if I add more he'd notice :)
  8. Wonderful Tune, thank you so much for sharing
  9. Just think formica... There are no Gibsons that are plastic, just fine woods...
  10. I have 3 Gibsons and a Martin. I prefer my Brad Paisley J45 to the Martin.
  11. Hey Dudes, this is about a travel case, not a ... I have traveled with my guitar in a soft case as carry-on and it was fine.
  12. As long as I get a real good deal on the instrument he calls it an "investment" Yesterday I had my first Guitar Lesson at Napa School of Music, and I joined their Garage Band.
  13. Actually I was going to sell my SJ because it was so hard to play. I thought it was 'pretty' and couldn't imagine why everyone in the forums loved them. Well I took it to Joe in Concord (CA) who took one look, took off my (hummingbird and flower abalone inlay) truss cover and tightened the nut. He only charged me $10, and he lowered my Hummingbird 12 a tad too. Now my SJ is my favorite! Both beautiful and functional, with it deep gutsy sound. I love it now. Has anyone else had this problem?
  14. I like your sound! Thanks for posting. Next time fix the lighting and get your whole body in the picture. Very Nice!
  15. I actually sobbed over my first ding, and it was with on a latch from the case too. I also switched to my soft case for that very reason!! And the cut was surprisingly deep. Before that it was flawless. Wahhh. I feel your pain.
  16. I think I know what you are talking about. Yes, my sj200 changes 'flame' formations when turned from side to side.
  17. Well done tune. Nice. Thank you!
  18. Ol. first picture, back left, please describe? Beautiful !
  19. I found a new one today at Toads Music, they also had the $100k Martin (sold) on display... When I asked about Blonde Doves in Flight they said they sold one this year... Hummmm, I wonder to who? The Gibson Firebird!
  20. Beautiful, and some very unique...GuitarHarp? Nice collection!
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