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  1. I caught the video for Justin's tune "Maniac"...lordy. I couldn't tell whether or not he was using an Axcess, since the guitar in the vid was a stoptail and I couldn't see the back for the "heeless" neck joint or the body contour...but that's beside the point. The dude can flat out smoke...absolutely amazing playing! I hope he gets a spot in Pink's show to unleash some of those chops...thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hey John, I had the Kluson tuners on my LP Axcess replaced with Grover kidney bean locking tuners, and they look and work excellently! I did not do the work myself, but the tech who did (and did a bang up job on it) said it was pretty easy. He simply removed the old tuners, drilled new mounting screw holes, puttied the old ones closed, and off he went, to the tune of $45. B
  3. Hi Wyoming, Sweet looking LP! Are the Burstbuckers the "1s" and "2s"? Any idea why Gibson has never acknowledged the LP Custom Axcess on their website, other than a NAMM report?
  4. Hey kingme, I don't have any experience with that unit, but it looks pretty nice for the money. The dedicated high/low EQ on each track is a great touch, as are the internal effects & CD burning capability. The only thing I'd recommend adding would be a compressor for your incoming signal. If you're planning to record "clean" toned electric guitars, acoustic guitars, drums or vocals, the compressor will be a welcome help to eliminate level spikes. It's also great for legato electric guitar parts. Hope this helps! Brandon
  5. Happy New Year All! I thought I'd share a YouTube link for a song called "Maybe", which I recorded with a Les Paul Axcess. The tone from this guitar absolutely blows me away, and it's probably the most complimented six-string I own for both cosmetics and sound. I'm not a whammy bar abuser, so some may question the need for the Floyd, but there's just something about this guitar that makes it incredibly inspiring to play. I hope you like it... Brandon "Maybe" Remix Video
  6. Speaking of "mods", does anyone here know how many Axcess guitars were built with the "LP Custom" headstock, and in what finishes? Since Gibson didn't ever advertise the "Les Paul Axcess Custom", I assume these were just Custom Shop one-offs?
  7. Good Morning All, I just got my Les Paul Axcess back from Whitsett Guitar Works in Lowell, MA. In addition to a setup, they also replaced the original tulip-style tuning pegs with Grover locking "kidney bean" machines (I know the locking tuners are a moot point with the Floyd nut, but they were offering these at a great price I couldn't pass up). With this change, I've now completed the following mods to this guitar: - Replaced the original bridge 'bucker with a Nickel covered '57 Classic Plus. - Added a Floyd Upgrades Tremolo Stopper. - Added an EVH D-Tuna. - Replaced the origin
  8. Hi John, I'm arriving a bit late to the party on this topic, so to speak, and perhaps you've already gotten all the answers you need. However, being an LP Axcess Standard owner, I'll chime in. I picked up an Iced Tea Axcess (with Floyd...not the ST version) in late 2008. I already had (and still have) a Neal Schon Les Paul when I picked up the Axcess, which I know sounds like a "more of the same" purchase, but its really not. After replacing the stock bridge pup with a '57 Classic Plus, I absolutely LOVE the sound & feel of the Axcess! While the reduced weight may slightly alter
  9. Humbuster, Those look incredible! My guess is that a 1/4 second after that pic was taken, you went right back to playing them...:- Did you pick those up in Colorado? I've dealt with the folks at Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, and found them to be a great shop... Enjoy!
  10. Nicely diverse collection, Murph...not a tone you can't coax out of that crew!
  11. That Goldtop on the left is a Neal Schon sig Les Paul. Gibson only made roughly 85 of these...amazing guitar! Think of it as the Axcess on steroids! Burstbucker Pro in the bridge, DiMarzio Fast Track II/Fernades Sustainer Driver in the neck pup spot, push/pull mid cut. The "heeless" joint on the Axcess came from the Neal Schon LP...I've had it over 2 years, and still can't put it down...=P~/
  12. I just swapped out the Burstbucker 2 in my Axcess with a nickel covered '57 Classic Plus. Wow! The tone is now much more full-bodied, not as trebly and thin as the BB 2 was. It's also very harmonically rich, and I have to admit, I'm liking the chrome look...:D
  13. Hey there, During Journey's tour last year, Neal Schon was spotted playing what appeared to be the "love child" of his 2005-era Custom Shop LP (complete with Burstbucker Pro/Fernandes Sustainer/DiMarzio Fast Track II) and the new Axcess (flamed maple cap and weight relieved body). Are they any plans to make this monster available to the general public as a limited run, or to reintroduce his Sig axe? He hinted at new things he was working on with Gibson last year, but nothing seems to have boiled to the surface...just curious....
  14. The PC1 plays like a dream; the neck is chunky, by far the biggest Jackson makes, but it still shreds. I'm not a big fan of the DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge position; to my ear, it really needs a "scooped" amp EQ to really shine. But, overall, the guitar is a wonderful part of my collection!
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