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  1. Thanks again for the comments. I ordered the Gibson CD course. I appreciate that the right teacher would be better, but this lets me work at my own pace4, is always there, and was pretty cheap. I'll let you know what I think in when I get going on it.
  2. Thanks for the thoughts everybody
  3. There is a lot of free stuff. Definitely worth looking through, but as you say, takes a bit of time.
  4. I seem to play the same stuff every day and have been thinking an on-line or CD/DVD course might get me practicing better. Looked into a few, but they all talk the talk. Thought seriously about Claude Johnson, but found a ton of bad press so he's out. I'm thinking Jamplay, Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar, or Guitar Tricks. Bit unfair to put Gibson''s course on this forum, but any comments would be appreciated. As far as ability goes, I would say I am extreemly ... average. Maybe at the lower end of intermediate. Any experience or comments, thanks
  5. Thanks Changed the strings yesterday - quite a process with the Floyd Rose. Excelent video on utube saved me
  6. Have I seen it?? This is it. Picked it up Wed. You're right - rocks 100%. Pic of both attached now I think
  7. Just got my AL LP Axcess - price must be closer to 4K. Compared to Custom Shop regular LP, didn't seem too extreme.
  8. Can't attch tho other - too big
  9. Hope this attachment works Just got the AL LP
  10. I just got my LP Axcess and I thought it came with the 496R/498T, but now I'm not sure. In any case, I now recognize the LP growl, which I didn't get from my first LP, so I think it's awesome. The sustain is unbelievable.
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