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  1. 2 Suhrs are on the way!! Custom Standard and Modern! Bengal Tigers!!

  2. The Eye Lighthouse! Stoked!!

  3. Selling my Pro S6, since I want a Custom Modern. John Suhr you're amazing!!!

  4. Keanu Reeves deserves an Oscar. Finally!!!

  5. Finally, German guy answered. He was being anti-proffesional!! But anyway, the shipment it's on it's way! YaY! #happy

  6. Anyone know good strategy terran guides for SC2?? #Starcraft #Blizzard NEED HELP ASAP!!!

  7. AC Remote and Bebe's cell gone missing!!

  8. I think, I am stupid at least that's what people say. ;)

  9. Black Panthers and Blue Roses.

  10. New Guitar day!! Vigier Shawn Lane Excalibur!! Damn!!

  11. Vigier Excalibur Special, ssounded good and felt really comfy. High end ****!

  12. A few things will be happening soon. Stoked.

  13. Goddamn, MOAR INK!!!!!

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