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  1. Can Somebody please explain the tonal characteristics of the fire bird? (particulary the V 2010) compared to les pauls, sgs etc how does it sound?
  2. I have recently discovered the best guitar combination for any band! The les paul and the telecaster! the two guitars are so different in tone and character, that they compliment eachother perfectly! any thoughts?
  3. Reventon11


    how is the 490T for the bridge in a SG? is it hot enough? or should i change it for a 498T?
  4. What are the differences between the Gibson SG Special and the Gibson SG Standard?
  5. What are the differences in sound between the Standard: Flying V, Firebird and Explorer? I'm Choosing which gibson to buy, i dont like Les Pauls and i was considering a SG.
  6. can somebody tell me the differences between the gibson usa lespaul standrad and the gibson usa sg standard in terms of tone and sound?
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