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  1. Congrats!!! All around AWESOME music. From the melodies to the lyrics. And they have so much music to stimulate your mind. Congrats again!
  2. Great bands. I've always been a Hendrix fan, grew up listening to metallica. But for the last few years i can't ever seem to get enough HIM. got to go see them last year.

  3. Hey sure thing man . I'm a huge HIM fan . they are my favorite band along with The Smiths and Everclear. Korn is also a great band :).

  4. I don't have the gig, but am a huge HIM and ville fan!! Glad to know there are others on here with my taste. Good Luck with that though. Rockon
  5. Nice SG, I too recently got an SG special tribute-black. I love it. The P-90s are more than i ever expected. They can give an awesome growl. I own an Epi G400 as well and loved everything about it....until now. I didn't believe there would be so many differences between the two but i now see what Gibson quality is all about. Enjoy! I know i will.
  6. Thanks Arlen!! These lessons are at the perfect pace. I have picked up alot in a short time.
  7. Hendrix- The first rays of the new rising sun.
  8. I recently got one of the SG special 60s tribute guitars. Awesome guitar loaded with growling P-90s. It faded ebony and i love it. I also have a Epi G400, but this Gibson is so much lighter. At least 2 pounds difference. Being that the 60s tribute is a "limited" run, does anyone have any idea of exactly how "limited" these tribute guitars may be? Thank You.
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