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  1. Samick strat....$45 at a pawn shop about 18 years ago. Darn thing still sounds and plays well but gets very little use. It's the guit in my avatar
  2. 1) Jimi Hendrix 2) Rory Gallagher 3) Gary Moore 4) Eric Clapton Good thread!
  3. Beautiful......I can't wait to test drive one. Thanks to Brianh for definitely having a hand in Epi reissuing this one. I've been offered $800 for mine and never even paused long enough to consider such a thing! Sell my Genesis? Not a chance!
  4. Beautiful 5120 (I have one in orange and it's the best Korean build I've ever owned). Yea, I think I'll just keep the Traditional. For the price I paid I can live with the flaws. Thanks for the input everybody!
  5. Well, I didn't have to look too closely, they are pretty obvious but are on the rear of the lower bout and behind the set neck so not obvious at all looking from the front. Still, with the case thrown in $325 is a great deal. The guitar came as new, packed by Epi and included all the case candy. So, I can probably live with these imperfections and if I remain ambivalent I have 30 days to decide.
  6. [i just purchased a 2010 faded studio and it is flawless in all respects. It's my 4th Gibson (sold off the other three) and the first one that truly has that Gibson magic imbued in it. The fret ends are smooth, the finish is even and devoid of any blotchiness that is so common in the fadeds. It plays like butter and makes me think that finally I have a Gibby I can be proud of and that didn't break the bank. It took four tries though before I found one that didn't have issues or just didn't have that inherent Gibson mojo for one reason or another. From a rare Smartwood STANDARD to a 60's Tribute they just didn't do it for me but this studio had my name all over it.
  7. O.K. MF is willing to knock off another $31 bringing the price down to $325. Man, that's a pretty slick deal with the HSC. The Goldtop is on back order until Feb 25th. What to do? If I keep it I'll feel like I got a blem but at least it's not stamped 2nd on the back. If I return it they will pay for the shipping.
  8. The back is matte finish. These were offered at $419 around xmas time and they took an online coupon code at an additional 15% off. My final price was $356 with the EPI hsc....yep, a great deal as I had been gassing over one of the traditionals for quite some time. It's a great player and the Pups with the coil tapping are the best I've ever experienced on an Epi and seem better to my ears than the Burstbuckers on my Gibson faded studio. I do believe that when one purchases anything new, regardless of price paid, it should be in relatively perfect condition. Of course, there are certain tolerances that perfection falls under and this is one of those situations because it came set up very well out of the box, sounds and plays beyond my expectations. So, risk returning it for one that may not have that certain something that makes it equal to this one from a players standpoint but that is free from aesthetic flaws or just accept this one as having a couple signature scars that makes it all the more unique? There are a couple other areas where the stain wasn't fully saturated, very minor but it's obvious this one slipped through when it probably should have been a 2nd. I had to wait about 5 weeks to get this one (the goldtops sell out quickly); not sure if they'd have another in que ready to ship. I'll call and discuss it with MF. Another discount would certainly give me reason to pause and strongly consider keeping it. I love the beefy neck on this, it's just the right circumference and is the main reason I ordered it (which was before I scored the Gibby Studio whose neck is almost identical but has that very distinct Gibson feel to it). Thanks for the feedback everybody. It's always nice to know what others might do
  9. New Trad. Pro Goldtop from MF. $356 shipped with Epi HSC. Plays and sounds great......but there are a couple areas on the body that are of cosmetic concern. Since I sell off a lot of my gear I'm always thinking of what resale value any potential acquisition will have. Opinions please on whether I ought send it back; or, ask for compensation in the form of a reduced price...or, just live with it. These pics were taken 1 hour after receving package from UPS. Here ya go:
  10. CAIOLA I've never heard of this model. Made from 1963-1969.
  11. It took it! Final price: $338.48. Hmmm...I wonder if I call if they'll knock off the addt'l $17.81 since I already ordered it over the phone? If you deduct the $89 for the free case the guitar comes in at $249!
  12. You have to call Musicians Friend to get the additional 15% off the $419 sale price. This brings the total with shipping and the Epi HSC to about $350. All colors are in stock except the Goldtop which is expected to ship in early Feb. I've been gassing for a Trad Pro ever since they came out...love the chunky 50's neck! So, wouldn't ya know that just last night I put a 1996 Fender American Standard Strat on Layaway (at $550 I couldn't resist. It's in perfect condition and met my criteria of a maple fret board and sunburst finish)! Now I have to justify spending another $350. Hmm..............umm.......................er..........................o.k....I justified it.......my, that was easy! UH, OH.....WHEN I CALLED BACK TO PLACE MY ORDER THE REP SAID THAT I COULDN"T TAKE THE ADDITIONAL 15% OFF MY ORDER. I TOLD HIM I WAS VERY SPECIFIC WHEN I CALLED EARLIER AS TO WHETHER THE ADDITIONAL 15% OFF APPLIED TO THE SALE PRICE OF $419 AND WAS TOLD IT DID (i.e. $419 minus 15%). I ALSO STATED THAT I WAS QUOTED A FINAL PRICE OF $356. ANYWAY, AFTER THIS REP TALKED TO HIS SUPERVISOR THEY APPROVED THE SALE BUT ONLY BECAUSE I WAS GIVEN INCORRECT INFO INITIALLY. SO.................ONE GUY SAYS "SURE, YOU CAN ADD THE 15% DISCOUNT TO THE SALE PRICE" and another says: "NO YOU CAN'T". This seems to be a common theme these days, no one knows wtf they're doing. Sorry if I gave out an incorrect quote. I guess you all can try and see how your luck is.
  13. Great deal and awesome looking deluxe (had one but sold it). I remember this CL ad. The pups and bridge were spray painted a satin gold by the former owner, right? I think they look good and will probably wear/tarnish just like any other gold hardware.
  14. JUST AN FYI: There are two USED Sunburst Elitist Casinos on the GC website right now--one at $1,109 and the other at $1,399 w/c. My link
  15. I do the same thing. Always try to buy low on those guits that you feel you'll probably part with at some time in the future and have some profitability built in when it comes time to thin or change the herd. My best "deal" was a Gibson Smartwood STANDARD (very rare) that I bought at a Pawn America for $650 with the original HSC. They thought it was a studio model because there is next to nothing on the web about the Standard. Anyway, I sold it on Ebay for $2,200. Cha ching. Great score on the LP. It's a beaut!
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