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  1. Has anyone else per-ordered the new Epiphone Johnny A.? Just wondering if anyone was aware of an approximate release date? I'm looking forward to adding this axe to my collection and if it compares anything like the Gibson, it should be a great guitar. Dave
  2. I ordered a Wine Red Sheraton II Pro in the spring of 2015 when I first saw an advert for one. I'm not sorry I did. It is a beautiful guitar to look at, play and sounds amazing.
  3. Does anyone know what these retailed for new? It would be interesting to know.
  4. I was talking to my local guitar shop owner and he keeps all his catalogues so we are going to see if we can get more info on the EJ212. I did happen to see an EJ212 in New Brunswick for $650.00 CDN.
  5. I have to say Guild makes fine guitars. I got the Epi 12 because it's a hard one to find. I play mostly electric and for a 12 string I have a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe 12. They are really an underrated guitar. I have several Hags and like them all.
  6. I just picked up and EJ-212CE VS Serial no. GG07010378. I have read that they were made between 94 and 99. Mine may be a Masterbuilt according to one set of info I read. The rosewood on the fretboard is the same as my'65 Elitist Casino. It needs new strings and a slight adjustment to the neck but other than that it's in fine shape. Some of the design on the pick guard has been scrubbed off. The serial No. without the GG , according to the guitar dater project, says it's USA made. Not much info out there and I'm interested in any and all info I can get. I believe I got a good deal on it at $350.00 CDN with HSC. Any and all information appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  7. I have a 2006 Sunburst Elitist Casino. I've wanted a Casino since I first saw them in them 60's and got a '65 model which scratched that itch. Had a red dot and miss it. Recently got a 2015 Sheraton II Pro in Wine Red. These are my favorite style of guitar.
  8. I have a Casino, Sheraton II Pro and sold my Dot and LP-Studio Standard. (I'd like to have them back). I agree get both or all four. In my opinion there is no such thing as too many guitars.
  9. I recently got the Sheraton II Pro in wine red and I love the tone. The coil tap gives you more tone choices. That being said, I have an elitist Casino and the hollow vs semi-hollow are two different birds. In a small room more chance of feedback with the hollow. If you own a Casino and Les Paul then I'd get the Sheraton. Epiphone is making some excellent guitars at reasonable prices.
  10. In my opinion my elitist Casino is the best Epiphone I have played. I recently got a Sheraton II Pro and really like it. I had a Dot and liked it a lot. The only one I was not so hot on was a Korean Les Paul Studio-Standard I owned up to 10 years ago.
  11. I have a 2006 Elitist Casino. I like it very much. I had a chance to play a recent standard and an MIJ. I found this Elitist on the net for sale and tried it then bought it. It's one of my favorite guitars Dave
  12. Got my Epiphone Sheraton II Pro a recently. There was no 15% deal in Canada but the wine red was gassing me so badly I had to have one. So far it's an excellent guitar but a little on the heavy side. Got used to playing my Elitist Casino and Washburn HB36 (sold my Dot last year and regret it). I really like these (335) style guitars and the Sheraton adds another dimension of sound to the mix. So far very satisfied.
  13. I had a Dot and really liked it but, I sold it to a kid who was totally gassing for it. I have an Elitist Casino and really love the tone and weight. That being said, yesterday I bought a Sheraton II Pro (wine red)and really love the tone of the humbuckers. I'm kind of a 335 style junkie as I have a Washburn HB36K and a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe 12 string as well. I can't say which to buy as I like 'em all.
  14. I just picked up my New 2015 Epiphone Sheraton II Pro in Wine Red. You really have to see on up close to appreciate how pretty they really are. They action on mine is excellent. I'm not sure I'll take much advantage of the coil taps as I'm used to 335 style guitars with humbuckers and I have an Elitist Casino so that covers my single coil need on a guitar of this style. I had a Dot a few years back and sold it to a guy who really wanted it. I've got to say Epiphone has made some major strides in the last few years of chinese production. The Sheraton has every thing I want and good looks to. I don't think I'll be parting with this baby any time soon and this fulfills my lust for a Gibson 335. I have a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe 12 string that I really enjoy playing as well.
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