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  1. hsech

    Midtown bass

    I really like my Midtown. I bought mine from Sweetwater and they give it a good going over and inspection before shipping it out. It was perfect (the cloudy places on the finish are light reflection). The only thing I have done to it is change the bridge out for a Hipshot Golden Tone. I also have a Hipshot on my SG Reissue. The Hipshot really allows for finer adjustment.
  2. The EB 5 String doesn't suffer from the rough frets. Still not quite a smooth as My Midtown and SG Reissue.
  3. Does anyone know if the pickups on the Midtown and SG basses are identical?
  4. I have a 2013 Vintage Sunburst Midtown. The Midtown series is alive and well.
  5. I owned a Brown Faded SG Bass at one time. It sounded good. The only thing I noticed about the Faded SG is the fret ends weren't dressed as nicely as my SG Reissue. As far as my EB, I think the thin finish is cool and that the bass will "age" quicker. I noticed the EB actually has an unfinished wood smell to it. A bass with a heavier finish doesn't have a smell IMO. The finish is perfect because there are a few rough spots on the bass, but nothing that really turns me off. I've owned other American basses that weren't much better. This bass reminds me of a throw back to some of the Gib
  6. Here's mine. Midtown, EB, SG Reissue, 1969 Fender Mustang
  7. hsech

    335 bass

    Some of the EB Bass write ups said "Vintage Gloss" and it is actually a satin finish. Not bad, but the finish, at least on the EB, is not high gloss.
  8. hsech


    I still use GK for big gigs with my Texas Blues Band and Southern Rock Band. We play a lot of outdoor gigs and big halls during the summer. When winter rolls in to Iowa, that will be the time to use the MarkBass rig for smaller clubs. I'm 65 with health issues so all of my amp gear and cabs are light weight.
  9. hsech


    Here's my MarkBass mini rig with the CMD112P and NY121 cab
  10. I was underwhelmed also when I opened the box, but after putting a set of LaBella flats on it and playing it through my MarkBass for the first time, I've become a true believer.
  11. hsech


    In the vein of being an old guy who can't schlep heavy gear anymore, I have a Markbass mini rig, and I also have a GK MB Fusion 500 head and a GK MBEII-212 Cab. The GK set up moves some air. I also have GK MBEII-115 and GK MBEII-210 cabs. All the GK stuff is good because of the light weight.
  12. hsech


    I played with my CMD-121P and ext speaker for a fund raiser last weekend and just used the CMD-121P by itself for practice last night. I've been using it with a Gibson SG Reissue Bass and it shakes the floorboards from all the low end. I was shocked by the amount of low end it had the first time I used it.
  13. hsech


    I have that same Markbass setup. Cool indeed, and easy on my back. I even have a matching Rock-n-Roller cart with black frame and yellow and black wheels to transport the mini rig.
  14. Try them both. I played Fender for years and have recently switched to Gibson thanks to my SG bass. The SG bass is short scale, but the sound is more bottom end than I expected. I also have a Les Paul Money Bass that is long scale. I like the pickups and feel on the Money bass more than did on my previous J bass. It's all a personal thing. It would be best if you could find a music store that had both to try and hear through the amp of your choice.
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