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  1. Yeah, when I first went to Google today I thought it looked "guitar-ish". Pretty cool of them to honor Les Paul today!
  2. I like them. The P-90/HB combo is absolutely wonderful for tone. I'd definitely take it for that price.
  3. Yeah, when my band plays heavier songs, me and the other guitarist both use LP's. But I do love the full spectrum of sounds you get with a LP and Tele played together and we go that route a lot. I do have to boost my volume a little when switching to the Tele, though.
  4. I love the combination of a humbucker guitar and single-coil guitar played together. While my LP gets plenty of attention from me, in a band setting I do find myself picking up my tele quite often to go along with my band's other guitarist who only uses an LP.
  5. I got one about a month ago. I love it, sounds and feels great. I also don't understand why it has the "Hummingbird" name and not its own name as it seems pretty different. Kinda confusing, but I didn't choose it for the name so no big deal. Glad to hear you like yours!
  6. I use Dunlop .73. As most everyone said, I change up the location of where I strum depending on the tone I want. But I favor over the soundhole, slightly right of center (just seems to be where my hand naturally falls, and I think feeling natural and comfortable is important).
  7. Looks great, congrats! Now that that's out of the way I hope you're enjoying it!
  8. haha that's great. The one and only Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap! http://www.wolfgangguitars.com/Mr.Horsepower.htm
  9. I play both. When I'm at home I find myself picking up the acoustic more often, but when I play with my band I never get tired of cranking up the Les Paul through a Marshall.
  10. I got a new 2011 Hummingbird Pro a few weekends ago for a wedding gift (feel very lucky). The serial number indicates 2011 build as well, so pretty new. Sounds good to start so can't wait until it gets more playing time and opens up. Thread
  11. Beautiful guitar you've got there! You'll have to let us know how the bone upgrade goes.
  12. Very nice - congrats! I like the idea of a piezo pickup on an LP, I imagine you can get some pretty versatile tones out of that.
  13. Congrats - looks great, I'd have been sold on that pic too! Does she sound as good as it looks?
  14. They look cool, definitely have the Johnny Cash vibe. Also seems practical that some good tonewood that may not have the best figure and wouldn't suit a natural/transparent finish gets used in a quality guitar.
  15. I bet you can get some good pinch harmonics out of that thing...
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