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  1. I am sure she would enjoy one like you were thinking about getting next for yourself, who knows she might not mine sharing it with you!!!
  2. Been there done that, spent all night sweating like a mule eating briars, and I don't mean ice cream either!!! I was told by the factory customer service rep. at Martin what to get and how to apply it to my $10.000 guitar and it like to caused me a heart attack scrubbing so hard and long just to get it off !!! it did remove the light scratches and medium ones that I wanted to remove but I want be doing it myself again. So a word to the wise have a expert do it because it not DIY project that for sure. Also the other post above are right on IMO about high end guitars that's all I buy now and when they are defaced as you described they are no longer a top end guitar they are fancy players only and if you pay the top end price you are sitting yourself up for a big loss money wise should you want to sell it later !!! Good look and choose wisely.
  3. I bought a custom shop guitar with the custom case earlier this year and it is arched in back some and the other custom shop I bought recently is that way two, go figure !!!
  4. I bought a custom shop guitar with the custom case earlier this year and it is arched in back some and the other custom shop I bought recently is that way two, go figure !!!
  5. Well to really we need to look back to the onset of the likes of the Carter Family, Bill Monroe Father Bluegrass ,Doc Wartson, Woody Gutherie, Author{GuitarBogie}Smith, Roy Rogers and Gene Authery, Elvis, Conway Tweety, Carl Perkins, The Grand Old Oper performers, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter-Paul and Mary, BoB Dilion, The Mama's and the Papa's,, . Southern Gospel performers too many to mention. Blues players like Robert Johnson, etc. Jazz players, Tex Ritter, Red Survine, John Denver, And the list goes on, these and many more are what made and make up Americana !!!
  6. Too add my two cent's worth, when it starts to hurt just keep playing through and your fingers will most likely go numb if you have never played long enough for that to happen make yourself so you can over come the problem !!!
  7. Don't recommend using letter either as the residue from the tanning process can cause serious trouble with the nitro finish like rubber and latex does !!!
  8. Oh well just when you think things are going right, Murphy's law kick's in. Disappointing to hear Ren's is leaving !!!
  9. I think that is a real good price if it is good as advertised !!!
  10. Way cool I like doing his songs!!!! Great pictures ya'll !!!
  11. Welcome to the board the J-45 is a good start they have a good sound I have played my cousin's and enjoy the way it feels and plays!!!
  12. I have seen other guitars with a BR neck and ebony fret board not saying that the one on ebay is are isn't just saying I have seen others!!!
  13. I think the tone would be affected in a negtive way using titanium frets !!!!
  14. I'am a tradition type guy so I like the full bodied guitar, but I have played several cut aways it,s easer to play notes at the 12th fret and higher that way, but it all in the mind set of the player my dot 335 is a double cutaway so their you have it. Use the right Guitar for the Job !!!
  15. Theres an old luthier in England that has Gibson oem tuners of all types he is on the internet!!! Just type in org. Gibson parts!!!
  16. Martin has a new light gauge they are 11-52 gauge I put some on my Hummingbird i really like them!!! by the way the dealer told me Gibson strings are made by Martin these days go figure!!!!
  17. The real you is coming out it takes time to bring it out it's like a acoustic the more you play it the more the real sounds come out thats hidden deep inside.!!!
  18. No I for one do not believe they will never use it again, plus the tree POLICE has got Gibson under stake out !!!
  19. I recommend that you get a tube of dry grafite just put a little and then turn the tuners both ways and when I say alittle I mean a little it goes a long,long way!!!
  20. Congrats!!! But were are the pictures ????
  21. They didn't even offer free food and Beverages at lest they should have offered that!!!!!!!!!
  22. Sounds like the place too be this summer not sure if we can get away this year during that month!!!
  23. Different strings do different things or make a Guitar sound totaly different like a medium sting in P.B. gives a thicker low and med's[tremble} sound verses a light sting give a thiner brighter sound to the same guitar and theres even more sounds with different brands etc. It's cheaper to try this approach first.
  24. If you want to play using a amp or a PA SYSTEM you will get a better sound with in MOP with Tugsten saddle. Also a FI Walrus nut and saddle is not as bright as bone!!!
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