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  1. The Bluegrass Rhythm player is like the drumer are piano in other groups,, in bluegrass you can't hardly do without them I know { takes one to know one } I also like to pick when someone else can play rhythm.
  2. That sounds like real fun to me,and Patty Lovelace oh that girl can sang, and Ricky Skaggs is from Cordell, Kentucky he and she sound good singing togather!!!
  3. For the saftey of your guitar, you just might want to have a local Gibson Tech install them, Put the ball in their court so to speak, in case of a problem that cause's damage to your Hummingbird.
  4. My dogs and my our bird really get into the acoustic seen they are my biggest fans!!!
  5. Be sure and go over your guitar and look closely for any cracks before you leave the store with it because if you don't and you get home and find one, are worse find more than one, it will be your problem then, and not there's!!!
  6. In am a blinger from way back, but the sound makes the differance, when you are going to have just one guitar to play!!! If buget is something you have to consider, then you get the best sounding guitar you can afford for the price!!!
  7. Awesome sound I prefere the square shoulder SJ over the slope shoulder!!!
  8. Do you know far sure if it is a Kalamazoo are a Nashville?
  9. I like a bone nut,saddle and pins I bought a presention series Taylor and it came with ebony pins they just did not seem to sound as good as bone, I bought brass pins they really caused the highs to sound loud and jingle but not balanced. I think bone is the way to go, and then seek out the best sounding strings far each individual guitar.
  10. I tried a new brand of strings on my Montana Gibson Hummingbird the other day they were recommended by a friend and they are awesome sounding so far, I am really impressed with them. {John Pearce} Phosphor Bronze Medium Gauge, .013 - .056, 700M the bass is balanced and the meds are woody the highs are tingly went from real good sustain to Fantastic sustain thought I would mentin it as they my be others that could benefit from them as well!!!
  11. My wife is always asking, why do I need another Guitar, she is always saying, you can only play one guitar at a time. So, now she doen't want to go with me to the music store's because she's afraid I'll buy another guitar!!! Well I just might, thats how the others got here looking gives me G.A.S.
  12. I wonder if you were to move, from US to Canada, would that void the warranty?
  13. hello Coeleo,the hummingbird pro is not the same guitar as the the montana Gibson Hummingbird the braceing is different as well as the shape of the guitar not just the outward looks of the guitar. The pro is a way for the dealer to sell a lesser Guitar using the Hummingbird name I own a True Gibson Hummingbird so I know first hand. I also own several other top tier guitars such as a Martin D-45 and a HD-28 people say they are the same guitar that the D-45 only looks more fancy, WRONG the wood is hand picked and the very best that Martin has,, and it makes a big difference, in the sound and volume of the D-45. So do,, as some of the other people that posted recommended, go out to the music store's and play guitars to you find one that feels good to you, and sounds good to You,, You need to be pleased with the Guitar,, before you take it Home, it may take playing it several hour's at the store to be sure, but in the end you be glad you did!!!
  14. What's on your mind?

  15. I come from a long line of musican's And I'am really into my music. From song writing to playing and singing I grew up with music on both sides of my family it's in our blood you might say. My mam ma's mother was a Carter and her father was a Helms so there was always music being played in the house, same with my mothers side,I started playing as a very young boy some 46 plus ye...

  16. hi I just put on some John Pearce 700M Med 13-56 Phosphor Bronze stings on my Gibson montana Hummingbird and I hit the mother load of Sound. Really pleased, great bass, blanced med's and fantastic high's really changed the sustain on my bird, it went from real good to Great. I will be trying the same strings on my Martin D-45 next and my Martin HD-28 too. These strings were recommened by a friend who is a player and works in a music store he does all there ordering. I had tried Elixer Nanoweb med. 13-56 and wasn't thrilled with them, then Martin Bluegrass Phosphor Bronze 4250 Med 13-56 not happy at all with that sound either. By the way congrat's on your new bird!!!
  17. The pro is a result of a big dealer customer {Guitar Center aka Musicians Friend} of Gibson who had them to produce the pro hummingbird to the different spec's to make more money by selling a much cheaper Guitar with the hummingbird name!!! in result more profit for them, it is not a true hummingbird by no means!!! the other post is correct it is not the same Guitar as a TRUE Hummingbird, I own the real deal so i speak from that stand point.
  18. The reason I asked I have Martin's that are Rosewood and spruce toped and I always use med stings Martin Marquse SP 13-56 and used the same on my Taylor pres series that were spruce and rosewood but I just bought my Gibson montana hummingbird and I took off the light 12-53 strings that came on it because I like more thump from bass side, I thought someone might have tried some strings and would advise me about the way they sounded on a Mahogany bodied with spruce top Gibson Hummingbird I Play a lot and have been playing for a little over 46 years thought if someone had got good results with a certin type string I could save time and money trying there recomendation first. Thanks for to all who have posted so for
  19. What strings sound best on a mahogany Hummingbird?
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