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  1. Hi, I want to remove G FORCE tuners, the Kluson Revolution look very interesting, do you have experience with those tuners?
  2. No, I don' t use those Faber studs, my ABR '59 is installed on Nashville studs but that' s interesting. Anyway this bridge is not expensive and give a vintage look to the SG, a great upgrade. I think that the TP-6 kill the sustain that' s why I order a standard Gibson stopbar. I see that Faber have a mice stopbar too but my stopbar is on the way. Nice Les Paul Custom plain top
  3. Better looking guitar now. Why did you put those heavy tuners?
  4. I always wanted an Ivory Gibson SG with gold hardware, my first goal was to find a white SG Standard. I found one like new with an ebony fretboard, the seller was agree to sell me the SG without the flightcase, I have a brown/pink TKL Gibson case.
  5. I don' t live in USA I am in France. is it easy to find gold #4 x 3/8" screws for the pickguard? Thank you for your help
  6. Hello, I don' t find Gibson screws for my guitar. I tried Allparts, and eBay but everytime head screws are too small. I didn' t find pickguard screws on Gibson.com. Do you know where I can find exact sized screws? Head diameter of Gibson screws is a little bigger than what I received ( #3 x 3/8" Phillips) May be Gibson use #4 x 3/8"? Thanks
  7. Your Gibson SG have a problem, This is certainly true. :blink:
  8. I need gold Gibson screws for the pickguard and the back plate. I think they are Phillips oval head #3 x 3/8" Here is a set of vintage Gibson SG screws for the pickguard, head is ok for me
  9. Hello, I can' t find Gibson screws... I tried Stewmac, Allparts, eBay but screws I received are wrong. Gibson scews have a larger head, I asked to Gibson support but no answer (what a surprise...) . Do you know where those scews are available? Thanks
  10. Sorry but metal nut, cheap pickguard, no binding over the frets, crap inlay on the fretboard, I' m not fan
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