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  1. Hi, I want to remove G FORCE tuners, the Kluson Revolution look very interesting, do you have experience with those tuners?
  2. No, I don' t use those Faber studs, my ABR '59 is installed on Nashville studs but that' s interesting. Anyway this bridge is not expensive and give a vintage look to the SG, a great upgrade. I think that the TP-6 kill the sustain that' s why I order a standard Gibson stopbar. I see that Faber have a mice stopbar too but my stopbar is on the way. Nice Les Paul Custom plain top
  3. Better looking guitar now. Why did you put those heavy tuners?
  4. I always wanted an Ivory Gibson SG with gold hardware, my first goal was to find a white SG Standard. I found one like new with an ebony fretboard, the seller was agree to sell me the SG without the flightcase, I have a brown/pink TKL Gibson case.
  5. I don' t live in USA I am in France. is it easy to find gold #4 x 3/8" screws for the pickguard? Thank you for your help
  6. Hello, I don' t find Gibson screws for my guitar. I tried Allparts, and eBay but everytime head screws are too small. I didn' t find pickguard screws on Gibson.com. Do you know where I can find exact sized screws? Head diameter of Gibson screws is a little bigger than what I received ( #3 x 3/8" Phillips) May be Gibson use #4 x 3/8"? Thanks
  7. Your Gibson SG have a problem, This is certainly true. :blink:
  8. I need gold Gibson screws for the pickguard and the back plate. I think they are Phillips oval head #3 x 3/8" Here is a set of vintage Gibson SG screws for the pickguard, head is ok for me
  9. Hello, I can' t find Gibson screws... I tried Stewmac, Allparts, eBay but screws I received are wrong. Gibson scews have a larger head, I asked to Gibson support but no answer (what a surprise...) . Do you know where those scews are available? Thanks
  10. Sorry but metal nut, cheap pickguard, no binding over the frets, crap inlay on the fretboard, I' m not fan
  11. Thr Bigsby B7 is awzsome installed on a SG
  12. Is the Gibson SG/Les Paul Custom discontinued? I don' t find it on Gibson.com...?? :blink:
  13. 2012 Gibson SG Standard Custom 2000 Gibson SG Standard Ltd Edition made for the Second Millenium (USA only)
  14. Nice piece of wood Gibson Les Paul / SG 61 Historic Reissue Standard TV Yellow
  15. I have the Faber ABR '59 bridge, very nice and well made part. I turned the D saddle like on an ABR-1 The 1983 Nashville bridge doesn' t fit the SG, strings must be in the center of the saddles. With the ABR '59 this problem will disappear, that' s very cool
  16. My ebony Ltd Edition was made for the second millenium, only for USA market There is no stamp on an ivory SG Standard and this is a Limited Edition.
  17. Dépends if there is the threated hole for the stopbar Under the Bigsby Is the Bigsby stock? Tuners are vintage made by Schaller.
  18. The Limited Edition stamp is correct, No problem My 2000 Ltd Edition have the same
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