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  1. http://www.ronankavanagh.ie/musicians-health/learning-from-keith-richards-fingers-why-musicians-get-sore/ cool link to some Dr.s take on Keef's arthritic fingers. Love their songwriting.... Life is a good autobiography. Wish I had BBC2...
  2. Would like to try a little narrow nut Paisley model, 1.625". Fast picker like a tele, I suppose?
  3. I would get a used, 5 plus year old Gibson, that has the hundreds of hours to already open up. Look for it to come from a good player that plays all over the neck - meaning: not from a cowboy chord, fret wear factory. Get pictures of the frets stings pulled back. Check saddle height and ask for sound descriptions, and / or clips. You are right on track with the model playability. Short scale, 2 3/16" saddle spacing, and 1.725" nut width....Truly is heaven for a band oriented youngster like your self. BTW: I have bought and sold 20 or more acoustics in 50 years. The J45 Rosewood ( my third rosewood) from 1999 is never going away. Talk about dynamic, warm, lush and bark with a pick. It's so hard for some new ones to grab on to us when we try them. Corroded strings, new tone wood, or new strings. Funky setup, sticky necks, quiet output, etc..... But most will come around after a hundred hours of play and intonated setups. Tone rites are cool. I have 5 high end guitars that sound like heaven but the $1,300 (used price), eBay, 1999 Rosewood is the proverbial cannon. It is the one I use for most solo stage or class work. For ensemble work you might just want the mahogany to have your cut through the mix sonic spot in your band. Someday I might get the TV but it will be used and opened up. My 59 Gibson Country Western has the same specs but with the mahogany EQ.
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