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  1. Ok, finally played a J35 today. I must say, I was impressed. Felt good, sounded good. You are right, its a little brighter and punchier then the J45, but thats a good thing. Not bad at all. Even though its hog back and sides, it is different in tone to the J45. Hmmmmmmmm.
  2. For all you guys who have or played a J35, is it all that, or is it just a low priced piece of Gibson fudder to try to take our money, and for those who cant afford a real J45? Tell me, I want to know. Is it legit, or is it a Walmart special Gibson?
  3. do you think you can email me some pictures of it?

    my email is chung.joseph@yahoo.com

  4. Yes, the j45 is still for sale.

  5. Hi Brannon

    is the j-45 still for sale?


  6. I myself was refering to the 918 model.
  7. Just curious, not judging or trying to be an A$$, but what makes that guitar worth 5K to you?
  8. I think its like anything in the guitar world. There are some guitars that cost 5K or more, and sound awesome, then there are some that do not. There are some guitars that cost $300 and sound Awesome, and some that do not.It depends on many factors. Wood, construction, PU's (if any) etc. You never know if a 5K or a $300 guitar is going to sound good until you play it, and then again, we are all different, so what plays and sounds good to you, may not play and sound good to another. Like Epiphone Masterbilt, some say that many Masterbilts sound better then Gibsons. I dont know, some may, some may not. It depends....
  9. Yeah, its all a big misconception. People think just because it looks like an original, etc, then is going to sound like a well worn broke in true vintage(not reissue) guitar, and its just not so. Some may sound great, others may sound like trash. It depends on many factors.
  10. I agree, just because a guitar is a TV model or whatever, doesnt mean its going to sound good. That goes for the real vintage stuff, the new/vintage stuff and the modern stuff. Thats why we try,play, listen to the guitars before we buy.
  11. Its amazing guitar companies come out with reissues, New authentics, retro, etc models,and they jack the prices up right out of the gate. I will not bite, but Im not going to talk about anyone who has the money and wants them. To each his own.
  12. Ok, all you Gibson Blues King owners, and you Epiphone EL-00 owners out there. I need to know something. I know the Gibson BK and the Epiphone EL-00 are kind of similiar guitars, but also alot different obviously. I am looking for a small guitar like that, and was wondering if the Gibson BK is worth the extra money over ther Epi EL-00. And I know it may be like comparing apples to oranges, or whatever, but I would love to know. I do have Gibsons, and I am familiar with Epis, so I know the difference in build and sound, but I havent heard or played the BK or the EL-00. Thanks
  13. I will sell you mine with a HSC. Its MINT, with an LR Baggs Element system in it. brannon67@gmail.com

  14. You may want to try my local music store Mississippi Music in Jackson, Mississippi. They have one they ordered for me that they are holding. I cnat get it right now, so if you want it, give them a call. 1-601-922-1200, and ask for Dan.

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