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  1. Not a JL fan, never was, never will be,(personally) but great guitar.
  2. Im thinking about getting one for my wife to play around on and learn on. I played one today, and it IS a great guitar. Looks good, plays good, sounds good for $399.00 I think its totally worth it....If she decides in the future that she is done, or looses interest in playing, then I will have a great, quality playing guitar as a backup to my Gibby J45. So, yeah, I think the Texans are great guitars.
  3. Im thinking about getting an Epiphone Texan for my wife to learn on. I and she played it at Guitar Center the other day, and we both liked it and agreed that it felt, played, and sounded great. If she decides she is done with it all, and gets disinterested in it, I will have a nice (not to expensive) backup to my J45 if need be. What do you guys think? Is the Texan worth it? Opinions please, Thanks....
  4. Anyone like the John Butler Trio? One of my favorites these days. Its hard to find good music, from real musicians nowadays. You have to really dig and search and listen. Just wondering if anyone else digs him/them.
  5. I love what Guitar Center does. Its a great psychological ploy, that many people fall for. They say something is on sale(which it isnt), say a guitar, they supposedly take 10 percent off, but ad tax, and the cost of a case(which is suppose to coe with Fender, Gibson, etc). Its all added back. Its genious I tell you.
  6. Its all Psychological. You never get a deal when it comes to buying anything. You may pay less sometimes then the other guy is charging, but never a deal. Its all thought out and sellers know what they are doing. Like I said, its all psychological, and we fall for that mess.
  7. The ladder bracing gives it an interesting tone for sure.
  8. One is a Masterbilt,and ones not. Both are great guitars, but onw is laminated, and the other(Masterbilt) is all wood. Myself, personally, I would get the Masterbilt AJ-500M, that is if you can one in good shape.
  9. If it was me,(which its not) I would just go with the marks/wear. I think alot of times, it gives a guitar a warm broken in feel, ads character to it, like a well worn J45 or whatever, I like much better then a new, unmarked, unplayed looking guitar. Thats just me....
  10. Cool man, yeah, they have filmed and are about to film more movies around the Jackson, Canton, Madison, area, at least thats what I heard on the news. Yeah, I like a 12, but I can live without one for a while. Its not essential for me, so.....
  11. Life in Madison is good. Got married, now Im in Ridgeland with my wife. Been to Canton many times. Anyway, I myself do like the looks and the sound of the LG-1, so I guess I got a good trade. Like I said, when or if I get another 12, it will be a Martin. Its got a little deeper sound to it to my ears,not a jangly, but just enough.
  12. Well, Actually I played a Martin 12 for $499, which sounded better then the $1400 Larrivee I had. If I ever get a nother 12, it will be the Martin. I just could not let the little LG-1 go. I have been wanting a smaller body Gibson, for intimate blues and fingerpicking, so now I have it.
  13. Do you guys think I made a good decision trading my larrivee 12 string for the 1964 Gibson LG-1? Just trying to get some feedback from you guys who KNOW.
  14. Cant type a T after an I tonight for some reason.
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