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  1. After my string change to my usual ej-19’s, I was finding the j-50 a little brighter than I wanted. I put on Monel Retro last night (mediums on bass strings and Lights on trebles). I highly recommend. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make a bluegrass set, so I had to buy a med and light set to get what I wanted. Very warm, but still quite loud sparkly enough.
  2. Mine was listed at $2500 plus shipping on reverb. I offered $2100 and it was accepted. Preowned, with some minor blems
  3. Very nice! What brand strings on the J-45?
  4. There’s a reasonably priced 2009 Gibson SJ-200 Standard Electric Cutaway on reverb.
  5. Really nice Sal! I have Ej-19’s on mine, and it likes them. I posted a sample on the J-50 ngd thread. My D-35 was sounding too bright and trebly with my usual ej’s and I put monel retros on, and they really warmed it up. If you’ve never tried them, maybe give it a shot.
  6. Some open tuning noodling here for a sample of the J-50.
  7. Nick, When I changed the strings on my ‘59 reissue J-50 yesterday, the nut slid a bit. It’s my first Bozeman guitar with an unglued nut. Same with your ‘50 J-50? It’s possible that the nut on mine was replaced by the original owner I guess.
  8. Yes, serial number is so close that it must be from same run. Mine was used, so the cost was way way less than the the current CME price. Though they have 2 I think at CME and they are getting to be in the new old stock range, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are willing to bring that current $3100 price down a bit. It seems just like all the J-45 Vintage (with cooked tops) I’ve played, but a much rounder and thicker neck. Here’s the specs on the neck as compared to the J-45 Vintage that CME had: J50 LE ‘59 1st fret = .90 10th fret = 1.01 2019 J45 Vintage 1st fret = .88 10th fret = .95
  9. No worries at all! I wouldn’t have bought it. I really liked it, in that it was was my favorite bird, but I had no use for a square shoulder hog when I so much prefer the shape of the slope. Now, you might have been able to talk me into trade plus cash involving the ‘69 d-35 before I came to my senses and pulled it from the agf listing, but I would have regretted it soon after. All good my friend!
  10. Thanks guys. Sal, I didn’t know you sold the Bird. I liked that you had that guitar!
  11. Last night actually. Received and unboxed a 2018 Limited Edition ‘59 J-50. I’m very pleased, and highly recommend this model. The neck is chunky. Not a bat like my LG-2, but more sizable than anything else I have, including the ‘94 Smeck. It’s a very round C shape, and in that respect it is like the LG. It is very lightweight, coming in just under 4 pounds...noticeably lighter than my 2001 J-45, which is also light. A little curious that they went retro with certain things, like there being no inside label and putting a vintage looking serial number stamp on the neckblock, ...but yet still stuck a custom shop label on the neck. Not a big deal at all, but I would have left it off. It sounded great right out of the box, but I won’t know it’s full potential until I put my EJ-19’s on it. I highly recommend Mill River Music and Guitars, who gave me a great deal. Perhaps one of you traded this into them? By the serial #, it seems to be from the same run as the same model for sale currently at CME.
  12. I was out In LA for work last month and on a day off, I drove to Tarzana to check out Norms and a birth year J-45 they had listed on their website. Mark was sitting behind a desk and and apologized profusely about the J-45 just getting snapped up (Namm was going on that day), and took a lot of time showing me other ‘64 guitars in the shop. I ended playing an amazing ‘53 SJ for most of my time in the shop. Unbelievably nice guy and knowledgeable.. Norms quickly became none of my favorite shops. We talked for a bit and he gave me some picks and I gave him some chachki’s from my work. I didn’t know he was youtube famous here until recently.
  13. Thanks, that’s helpful info. I’m was told that the neck on my incoming new ‘59 J-50 is 1st fret = .90 10th fret = 1.01 We’ll see.
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