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    Hello there Larps here. I just signed up and I'm just trying to get acquainted. I have been a Gibson player for over 40 years and I don't think there's a Gibson guitar that I don't like. I only have one right now. 1966 ES 355TDC that I bought new. Actually my dad bought it and I painted the garage to pay him back. That was one expensive paint job, even back then, ($367.50 before taxes). I have played just about everything. Including Fender, Gretsch, Martin, etc., I always come back to my 335. Right now I do have a Strat and a Martin D-35. I do love the sound of the Strat, but I'm just not comfortable playing it. I can play it but it doesn't fit right, not like my 335. I am a fan of Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour and others. Some day when I can afford one I would like to get a 335LC I have read up on those and I like what Gibson has done with the fret board and other little tweaks that are there. Maybe someday. For amps, they are both Fenders. 1975 Twin Reverb, and a early 90's Blues Deluxe, (main work horse). My pedal board is humble, which consists of Boss tuner, Blues Driver, Delay, with a Electro Harmonix chorus and a Sho Bud volume, and that's it. I want to change the Blues Driver to more of a Dumble overdrive sound, but that will have to wait. Well, that about covers it for now. My thanks for those providing this forum and I look forward to spending a lot of time here. I do have one question. What is the current status of the Gibson amps, the GA RVT 40 and 42, (is that the right model numbers)? Are they still being made and if not what are the current or future Gibson amp offerings? They look great, cosmetics etc., and how do they sound? I am interested. Thanks again Larps (Larry)
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