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  1. They do both look fantastic. I'd lean towards cherry, and here's why (only from my personal experience). When I bought my ES-335. I was torn between a trans brown finish and a vintage burst. I was enamored with the brown with gold hardware, so I got it despite the fact that when I think of ES-335, I think burst or red or black. One year later, I like my trans brown but every time a see someone's vintage burst I reflect back on the fact that I could have had one. So, when I think SG, I think of black or cherry. I'd prefer cherry though because of the wood grain you mentioned above.
  2. Thanks! Being in the investments business, I think too much about value, and I really love a deal. First impression on playability - I re-recorded a solo I had originally done last week on my ES-335. This solo has a lot of vibrato. On the SG, it came out SO much better. Perhaps because of the chunkier neck giving more room for expression? I dunno. What took 20 takes with the 335 took one with the SG. Either that, or I was just so psyched to be playing a new guitar! Haven't had time to crank it through my tube amp yet, which will let me explore the P90 sound.
  3. Added another Gibson to the family. An impulse purchase, but I've been wanting to add an SG to the family as well as something with P90's (not necessarily SG). When I found this one that had both, I had to pick her up. Haven't had a chance to play her yet (I undoubtedly will tonight when I take her home). A 2009 Gibson SG Classic with a hardshell case. Hardly a scratch on her, including the pick guard. I thought the shop had her priced right($599) to boot. The only flaw I can see is some very light dents around the headstock, probably due to the previous owner's stand/wall mounts.
  4. That is one sweet guitar you've got there! Love the Jimmy Page stuff. OMG, when you were describing the guitar at the beginning, I was laughing how excited you were. I hope you changed your undies (me too after seeing and hearing that)! :P
  5. CapM


    Sorry - not intentionally trying to bump this to the top, but I did want to post a quick update. This guitar has unbelievable low end. I'm playing it softly now as my family sleeps, and I can still feel the low end in my chest when I play. Yet, it still maintains that classic Gibson midrange sound. I have three main steel sting acoustics now, one Rosewood (this one), one mahogany (Martin), and one birch. They all provide different tones in their own way. Although the Martin is still great for that buttery, balanced tone, for strumming and/or a more bold sound, the J45 Rosewood will b
  6. Yes, that is one hot piece of axe you got there! Congrats!
  7. CapM


    Since I only played a mahog J-45 once, I really am not knowledgable enough to compare them! I do know that this has that vintage Gibson tone that is so different from my Martin. Anyhow, here's a video I did of me playing the guitar, performing a song I just wrote. It's actually a quasi rock song, but this is the acoustic version of it. The video was just with my laptop camera because I couldn't get the audio to work on our high def camera, but at least the audio is clear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImN2KTWeWM0
  8. That is a gorgeous guitar. I love the cherry burst. Beautiful grain on that top. Congrats!
  9. CapM


    Updated with video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImN2KTWeWM0 Hi guys and gals! I've been GASing for a Gibson acoustic for quite some time. In my search, I saw pics of the vine inlays and loved it. I also wanted the vintage burst finish. I searched long and hard, but saw nothing for sale except a shop that was selling a floor model for $5K. So, I was visiting a larger town and went into the GC to try out some Gibby's, and lo and behold I saw her through the glass. It is a Gibson J-45 Rosewood Vine. Although a 2003, it is in pristine condition - maybe even unplayed, as there are
  10. Why would you want to be hit in the thumb?
  11. A Gibson for your wife? Seems like a fair trade. I'd do that deal.
  12. This statement intrigues me. Why would a J-185 be better for recording purposes?
  13. The video was obviously pretty poor. Was he doing hybrid picking there?
  14. Well said. I agree 100%. Me too! Would look great next to my cherry burst LP...
  15. I guess I shouldn't have said inferior. I meant standard, as in the original vintage woods they used. So I think I want the mahogany one. What's really getting me interested is the 18 months interest-free financing offered by Gibson now. My wife would notice a $3,000 transition, but I could sneak $125/month without my wife knowing. :)
  16. Been GASing for a Hummy for a while. My go-to guitar right now is a Martin D-16. It seems that almost all Hummingbirds are mahogany. However, Sweetwater has a limited edition that looks like it has maple back and sides: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SSHBVCNH/ It seems odd because it's called "vintage," yet I looked on Blue Book and it looks like the old Hummy's were mahogany. Can anybody shed any light on the situation? If I spend $3K for a guitar, I don't want an inferior one. Thanks for your help!
  17. I just went through the same process. Ended up deciding on a Standard '08. I looked at the one you linked, and they are nice. I don't like those tuners (personal preference - many like the vintage look) and I wanted something other than 57 humbuckers (I have an ES-335 and that's what it has, so I wanted something a little "hotter" for an LP). Oh, and I couldn't decide between the 50's and 60's profile neck, so I just got the asymmetrical. :) P.S In reference to your last post, the Standards are chambered and the Traditionals are weight relieved, so they are definitely different in tha
  18. Damn you! You're not helping me overcome my GAS for an LP!
  19. I don't post much but follow the forums. I just wanted to pop in to say that your two LP's are THE BOMB! I only have a Fender Strat and a Gibson ES-335, but my dream guitar is a cherry burst LP like yours. Next in line on the bucket list is a GT (had a Tribute ordered but cancelled to get the 335). I love the black pick guard and knobs. Two beautiful guitars, so enjoy!
  20. I'm in the same boat as you. Too old to start a music career, and a family who doesn't like loud music as much as me! When I use headphones, I really prefer just going through my MacBook or iPad that through my amp. If I were you, I would consider this. I'd look for a nice small to mid-size tube amp with good tone; I got a killer Fender tube amp used on Craigslist for $450 in pristine condition, and it has WAY more power than I'll ever need. Then I would use the rest of your budget to build out a killer pedal board. I think this setup would be more enjoyable for home use. Good luc
  21. Love the blue! The flame makes it look like waves in an ocean. I ended up getting the trans brown - I LOVE the look of the gold hardware on it. The flame is not as prevalent as it is on the lighter finishes though. I haven't taken a good pic of it yet but will post when I do.
  22. That is one hot piece of axe!
  23. I am on the verge of buying an ES 335. I had an order in for the LP Tribute GT, but played someone's 335 and fell in love (with the guitar, that is). So, I cancelled my LP order. I found a 335 with a beautiful "trans brown figured gloss" finish. It really is stunning. I guess Gibson makes a limited quantity of some finishes like this one. Question is, would this be a desirable finish in resale? I don't want to purchase something that I might be able to get full value for down the road. Thanks for any input you might have.
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