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  1. Troels: Thanks for the info...I'll check into it. led head: It's signed by Steve Hacket. I believe he used to play with Genesis.
  2. Nice attitude. You have know clue as to why a person wouldn't be able to check something as unimportant as this when compared to everything else in life.
  3. EDIT: If this is in the wrong section..please feel free to move it. Sorry. OK....I have been trying to find out for a while now what model Gibson this is. I was told long ago it was a Q3000. I was just told recently it is a Q400 or Q4000. I have Googled both and the pics I have found have the same body style. But I have not read a description or seen any pics of one with the same pick up configuration. Mine has 3 single coil pick ups..each one has it's own toggle switch. It also has a Kayler system. I have included pics as well. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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