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  1. Like jim says who are you to believe,everyone must b talk-n out there butt -except- him

  2. Manny i was just stating that you model shown could be earlier than 60,and on the mid 60s to 61 it had seem to me i read somewhere that they had changed style in mid 60s kinda like you could get a new 66 mustang while it is still 65,I had got my info from Gibson Melody Maker- Wikipedia and not from the gibsonvintage.com site where ever that is and accord-n to Wiki MELODY MAKER started in 1959

  3. Yes, it is Leo Quan. I dont think the knobs are replacements. I could be wrong though. As for the tuners, I dont know. I sure wish I could find one for $750, if you find one post the link.
  4. i would buy many of these at $750, I think those days are long gone.
  5. There may already be thread about this. If there is let me know. I am curious about mods and the affect on value. I know it all depends on what it was. I am looking at a 59 melody maker full scale. It has the bridge replaced. The original is long gone. The rest is original. not the guitar case. Without saying the asking price, would there a general rule on something like this?
  6. I have a '64 ES-125 TC. It has a serial number on the back of the head-stock. I little hard to read but its there.
  7. too late now........I usually use Reverb for pricing, but is seems like everything is dropping in price substantially on Reverb. Have the people with G.A.S. finally gone broke?
  8. I was worried that it not being the original bridge would affect value greatly. The prices are all over the place on line. I have it at roughly $5500 USD, from me averaging out many guitars.
  9. Hi, I am looking a 1953 Gibson ES 175 and the bridge has been replaced with a tunomatic and it has a bigsby installed. How much does this affect the value and now it is not all original. It does have the original case.
  10. I think this guy may have fooled by someone. I have never seen the sticker inside before though. Feel bad if his buddy realy did this to him, may be a hard scam though. My link
  11. Most advertisements are saying it comes with a hard shell case
  12. Yeah, I was curious because of the price drop. It seems nasty if you just bought one for close to $2000 or more and the 2016 models are identical. I wouldn't be happy if it were me. Great for new buyers, for sure. Yet now there are studios for almost $2000? I know the suggested Gibson prices aren't always the price in store. It must be the end times.
  13. Are the new 2016 Firebirds not as good as the ones from recent years? If they are, that would be a kick to anyone that recently paid $2000 for one.
  14. thanks for the Reverb link, havent been there before. I will see what happens, I like it but am not willing to over pay, can't afford to over pay that is. Still wondering if those tuning pegs could successfully be straightened? I have lots of guitars as it is now, I am looking at vintage stuff that wont break my pocketbook, but are kinda cool.
  15. It wouldn't be for gigging. I am a crappy guitar player anyway lol. It would be just for the historical/investment aspect. I know that it would never be a million dollar guitar. I am trying to turn some of my "newer gear" into vintage gear. Right now I have the offer of a '73 super reverb and cash, that he would take. I do love that super reverb though. The tuners on this one are a little mangled, I wonder if they can be straightened out. It was the 3/4 size really that my buddies said even $1200 was too much.
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