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  1. There may already be thread about this. If there is let me know.

    I am curious about mods and the affect on value. I know it all depends on what it was. I am looking at a 59 melody maker full scale. It has the bridge replaced. The original is long gone. The rest is original. not the guitar case. Without saying the asking price, would there a general rule on something like this?


  2. Yeah, I was curious because of the price drop. It seems nasty if you just bought one for close to $2000 or more and the 2016 models are identical. I wouldn't be happy if it were me. Great for new buyers, for sure. Yet now there are studios for almost $2000? I know the suggested Gibson prices aren't always the price in store. It must be the end times.

  3. thanks for the Reverb link, havent been there before. I will see what happens, I like it but am not willing to over pay, can't afford to over pay that is. Still wondering if those tuning pegs could successfully be straightened? I have lots of guitars as it is now, I am looking at vintage stuff that wont break my pocketbook, but are kinda cool.

  4. It wouldn't be for gigging. I am a crappy guitar player anyway lol. It would be just for the historical/investment aspect. I know that it would never be a million dollar guitar. I am trying to turn some of my "newer gear" into vintage gear. Right now I have the offer of a '73 super reverb and cash, that he would take. I do love that super reverb though. The tuners on this one are a little mangled, I wonder if they can be straightened out. It was the 3/4 size really that my buddies said even $1200 was too much.

  5. Although this particular variation (thin, non-cut, double pickup) of the ES125 model is relatively rare (only about 1200 made over 7 years; none currently for sale on gbase or ebay), it's still a budget model. The price is way too high. It's probably worth about half of that, at best.

    I was thinking in around $2500 to $3000, I was thinking vintage or not, it is still a low end model. Does the term "low end model" even apply to vintage guitars? I read an article about ES125 increasing 15% in value a year. I know I have been trying to sell some things to fund a 1966 ES125CD , I even had my 2011 Gibby TBird bass for $850 for 3 days with no replies. I think people are broke right now and milk and bread are more important than rock and roll.

  6. I read an article that said something like this... The gibson parts department has been selling 3 times what it normally sells due to the knockoffs. People have been buying legit Gibson parts and replacing the crap parts on the Chibsons. I tried to search for the article, but cant find it. Dont know how true that would be. I did own an R9 chibson that I paid $200 for, it was every bit a $200 guitar. I eventually sold it though. I own 5 real Gibsons now. My brother bought me a fake Rickenbacker bass from Toronto, from Logical guitars in Vancouver. He paid $700 for it. It was every bit a $200 bass lol. I notice that Logical guitars do not advertise the ric knockoffs on there site. In the end, I do believe that we over pay for the high end brands, and it appears that the quality of these high end brands keep going down hill. That is why when I am buying a $2000 instrument, I try many of them out first. I am completely satisfied with all my Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Fenders etc. Are they really worth the high price? I dont know, but you only live once. And I love living in debt.

  7. When I decided to get my first LP, I was lucky enough to get an Ebony Classic Custom. I was concerned about the 'baked maple' thing, but I love it. It will most likely be my only Les Paul. It is a back breaker though.... As far as buying one these days, all I know is that I dont like P-90's, but thats my thing. I have a few friends with studio's and specials with P-90's and they love them. I guess I like the growl of the 57 classics in my LP. I recently bought a firebird for a great deal, I love those pick ups as well. 495's I believe. It is what you like, and I suggest trying a bunch out. Good luck.

  8. I recently wanted to sell my Thunderbird to fund another purchase. I bought it brand new in 2011 for $1349 plus tax. They are now going for $ 2249 at the Long and McQuade chain. I tried to like this bass, but I think i may have got a dud. Anyway, I had it on Kijiji for $1000; for almost 3 months. No takers. I guess these basses dont hold there value? I have locked up the case and stored it away. I will try again next year.

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