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  1. I think they are both different guitars. I own an American Standard and a 2011 CC. I like the CC better but I think, or hope, that it is superior to the Les Paul Sudio's. I am not a huge fan of P-90's, but that is just my opinion. Maybe this Studio you speak of doesn't have P-90's. My strat is three single coils, which is why it it is so different from my LP. In the end, they are both great guitars but I wouldn't trade if you had a Standard. Studio's can be found for $600 to $700 easily used, Standards are usually a few bucks more. It is whatever is best for you. Good luck hashing it out.
  2. manny


    2 thumbs up for Honeyburst. I don't know how old the honey burst thing is, but I love it. Out of all the 2014 line, where ever Honeyburst is offered....it is the best looking one. My friend has a studio from a few years ago in a matte honeyburst and it is amazing.If I was getting another LP anytime soon, I would make sure it was a Honeyburst. Could I possibly say Honeyburst, too many times in one thread? Honeyburst!!!
  3. manny


    It seems to me that this auto tune equipment isnt really holding up at all. I dont see too many replies with anything good to say about them at all. Thank god they never had it installed on my CC, or I wouldn't own it today. I hope that you get it fixed under warrenty, thats why I love Long and Mcquade. They warrenty everything for at least a year or until its paid for. Good luck.
  4. Just got an email back from the seller, I asked him what he thought the value was. Here is his reply..... "repaired for 4 -5 hundred easily worth 4500 seen one in fair condition for. 8500 these old guitars need fees replaced and stuff ciase there old and have been played"
  5. So, is this beyond repair? Anybody got a rough idea what it may cost to bring her back to life?
  6. 1943 Gibson acoustic, looks to be in pretty rough shape. The logo is put on weird as well, well weird to me. I dont know alot about old Gibsons. 1943
  7. 2012 blues king, I love the smaller body. It was a toss up for the blues king $2000 and a used Hummingbird for $2500. That Hummingbird sure filled the room with sound though, the huge body is too much right now. I have other larger body acoustics anyway. Thank you Gibson. Tried to upload photo but it wont allow flickr?
  8. This ad is on local buy and sell, curious to what it is worth. Is it true only 3 were made? http://novascotia.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-1980-USA-GIBSON-LES-PAUL-STANDARD-W0QQAdIdZ549756094
  9. I tried to find the repair but the pics aren't the best. For under $1600 thats a good deal. I am sure it was repaired professionally. If I didnt already have the ebony, I might just buy it.
  10. The local Long and Mcquade is advertising them again. Is there another run? Ebony only? My link
  11. doesnt appear the binding is actually going up at the end of each fret, dont look real to me. Lettering dont look right either. I am no expert though
  12. Thanks, I will pass on it......................
  13. Thanks for the input. My CC was my first Gibson. I love that guitar; it is heavy as hell though, I may invest in the padded strap. Is the 'baked maple' a thing of the past now, or it just because the Lite is a custom that is has the rosewood? The classic custom is a great looking and playing guitar, would putting the 490's in it make it sound better? I dont know much about the 50'/60's neck profile thing,although I know the CC is a 60's profile and I like it a lot. I guess the reason I bought the Classic custom was because I will never be able to afford a real Custom ( I have never played a Richlite board). I think I will pass on the Lite, as much as I would love to check it out. I got my eyes set on a Firebird anyway. BTW, this forum supplies a great wealth of knowledge, thanks to all those who post.
  14. I see the new Lites are about $500 cheaper than the Classics. I have an ebony CC. Would I be disappointed if I got the lite as well? I like the fact that are supposed to be a limited run like the CC's.
  15. manny

    Real or fake?

    Apparently the chinese gibsons are coming with inspection papers now. I did buy a 59 copy chinese gibson for $200, for a beater for the basement, it was pretty good for the price. I have since sold it, to someone who really loved it. I will stick with my CC.
  16. Seems like they are becoming less and less available through the web stores and Ebay. Is it true that only 500 of each color were made? Has there been no production of them since 2011/2012? Is there a plan to make more? I am curious?
  17. Looks like a crack to me. It seems to originate right in the center or that screw. Maybe this tuner was taken off before, the bottom screw seems to be in rough shape. As far as possible consequences, I am not sure. I had a finish crack in a guitar once and it wasnt so jagged.
  18. what are they worth...the specials?
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