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  1. seems that the tuners are installed pretty nasty
  2. On the last tour, he rocked a les paul for about 1/4 of the songs played.There is no better band, I guess they are gonna give it up in about 5 years. Too bad.
  3. manny

    1971 sg 250

    Anybody have any idea how many of these were made? And were these 'bursts' only the tail end of 1971?
  4. Both pickups in the custom classic are the same. 57's, there is no 57+. I am pretty sure of this. I have the ebony one...it is a great guitar.
  5. Whats the main differences that this bass is $400 cheaper than the reverse?
  6. I have the ebony one, and was told that it was one of 500 made in that color. Are they limited runs? I see them still advertised on the Gibson site. Don't get me wrong, everyone should have a chance to own one of these beauties. I am just curious.
  7. I played a 1983 Ibanez Musician for over 20 years. I recently decided to treat myself to something nice. I played a ton of basses, lots of p's and j's as well. I couldnt get my hands on a Gibby T-bird any where to try. I finally found one to try in Toronto. I now own a Gibby Thunderbird. I love it. I will admit that Fender makes some killer basses, but they weren't the one for me.
  8. oh, shouldnt it be stamped 'made in the usa'? I dont know, I thought the serial number was wonky looking. Thanks for the info
  9. oh, shouldnt it be stamped 'made in the usa'? I dont know, I thought the serial number was wonky looking. Thanks for the info
  10. selling for $650 where I live. are they any good? And is it a bolt on neck?
  11. I waited for almost 7 months for my Thunderbird, I had ordered it shortly after the production started again after the flood. I cant say why your guitar is being pushed back. What I will say is, it's worth the wait. Hope you get it soon.
  12. Yeah, it may be worthless, but I would still like to have it. I am weird like that. I already registered it.
  13. The store says they talked to a Gibson rep and no cards are issued with custom classics, this doesn't seem to be the case. I sure would love to have it. Will Gibson issue me one? Maybe they forgot to put it in the case?
  14. I just bought a custom classic. There is no card with it. The store said "we talked to Gibson, and you don't get one because it is not a 'real' custom". My thunderbird is not a custom either but I got one with that. My friends LP studio is not a custom and he got one. It bothers me, don't all Gibsons come with that inspection card?
  15. hhhmmmmmm.....who is Henry?
  16. I ordered a gibson thunderbird bass last September myself, from a local dealer. I live in nova scotia, I am still waiting. I have seen pictures of the flood damage of the region and to Gibson, devestating images. I have heard rumours that the the t-birds aren't even in production yet....but knowing that lives were lost in that flood....I think I can wait for a thunderbird....it will be well worth the wait.
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