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  1. thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it.
  2. I think your right - I must have heard him wrong - I'm getting another opinion.
  3. Thanks for all the helpful comments. My frets are pitted or have a groove in several. It looks very slight to me. I had to hold the guitar under a bright light and literally eye ball it up to see them. I do know that my Luthier said that the guitar was very hard to intonate and the angle of my neck is bending way back and the bridge was brought way up. It looks like **** (excuse my French). I am getting another opinion - I just have to make sure the second guy knows Gibsons - bad advice on top of bad repair would not be good.
  4. I have a 2011 ES-339. I've had it exactly four years. Lately the high e and b strings sound tinny up high, almost like a sitar. My guitar tech says my frets are worn out and need replacement; that the worn frets are causing a back bend in the neck. Isnt four years a little early for frets to wear down? (I only play an hour or two a day). Also, shouldn't I try to have the frets leveled out before a full blown replacement? Can anything else be causing the tinny sound of the e and b strings up high (10th fret and up). I would really appreciate some input and advice from you all.
  5. You will enjoy it, that is for sure
  6. The Hollow-ness or semi-hollowness of a guitar doesnt have anything to do with tuning issues. So, No. Now, many owners of 335's and 339's have complained a bit about tuning issues -- me included. I had to use Nut Sauce for a year in order to keep my semi hollow in tune, but then had it professionally set up -- and that did the trick.. Go figure.
  7. I think if you want that crunchy super clean sound with texture -- you want a Compressor Pedal. That'll do the trick -- especially with single coil pickups like those used in Fenders. The Compressor Pedal will not give you fuzz.
  8. Really? My '07 mahogany faded studio Lp came with 490 and 498's. By the way, that is a real Gibson.
  9. Here's the one solution no one has tossed out there yet. GET ANOTHER LUTHIER. Either your guy can't fix it or has no idea what do to -- same result. Are you calling a pimple-faced kid who works part-time at GC who just knows a little more about guitars than you do a Luthier? Again: Get another Luthier.
  10. That is a beautiful guitar. I have a cherry red 339, but your 359 is superb looking! congratulations.
  11. From what I've read, the Gibson Board feels that the Feds gave them a shakedown. It was guestimated that the legal fees to defend themselves was going to cost between $1 - $3 million. So, $250k is considered a bargain. Now Gibson also claims they did nothing wrong -- mostly nothing. They say that the ebony imported while perfectly legally obtained was indeed finished wood (the Lacey Act forbids unfinished ebony). Although I have also read that it was 'nearly finished.' Apparently there is a very fine line between finished and unfinished and a little more refinement on the Ebony -- jus
  12. Been to memphis once -- some years ago. Unfortunately for me, it was before I picked up a guitar. I did go to the Peabody and got to see the ducks in a fountain there, but didn't see them come out of the elevator. It was the middle of the summer -- H-O-T and muggy. It was around 100-101 degrees. Anyway, I got on the elevator at my hotel and said to another fellow there, "Boy, sure is hot," And he bellowed out to me: "You must NOT be from around here. This is cool compared to yesterday!!!" He was right. It had been 106 the day before. Nice city: Great BBQ.
  13. And my 3/2011 ES-339 has medium jumbos as well.
  14. Good Choice!! You're going to like that guitar -- Congratulations!!
  15. Since money is an object, why don't you try out the Epiphone 335 While not the Gibson, they sound darn good for the money. Epiphone sells an even cheaper version of the 339 -- I think they only want 350 or so. Tried the Epi 335 recently and on a decent amp -- this was a Mesa Boogie -- the guitar sounds great!!
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