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  1. I think that would be a total waste of time. If not identical, the internal parts of the two guitars are virtually the same, and would work acceptably with any passive humbucker or P90. You need to identify the problem with your guitar, assuming there really is one.
  2. Again, this is why so many players own a cheap multimeter, and learn how to use it. Guitar circuits are inherently simple, and usually easy to troubleshoot with just a modicum of knowledge. Otherwise, one is at the mercy of so-called professionals, many of which don't know jack. With a solid body guitar, the diagnosis could probably be done in a very short time. We can guess all day long and not solve your problem, mostly because we don't physically have the guitar in our hands.
  3. AFAIK, it's not uncommon for the neck pickup to be louder than the bridge, even if the bridge is "hotter". This is due to the strings in the neck location vibrating on a bigger arc there, causing more magnetic flux (if my terminology is crappy, help me out guys), and more volume. Many players lower the neck pickup considerably to compensate. Of course, I don't know if this is your situation or not, but it's one more thing to consider. The correct wiring connections should be confirmed, of course.
  4. Is it really low, or just lower than the neck pickup?
  5. For clarity sake, the scarf joint's purpose is about the factory using less wood to lower production cost.
  6. The Roland Cube (I have one) and Vox Valvetronix modeling amps (my buddy has one) will do quite well, and I've read reviews and seen several forum posts that were quite positive about the new Fender Mustang amps. If you prefer tubes, there are some other possibilities in that price range, like the Fender Vibro Champ XD (another friend has its big brother, the Super Champ XD), as well as others - not sure about the phone jack, though.
  7. I generally don't like blue guitars, but that one's purdy.
  8. You can just loosen the strings and push them aside. Mineral oil (baby oil) works just fine. Rub some on with a soft cloth, wait a minute or so, then wipe it all off with a clean cloth. You don't want to saturate the rosewood, as it may make the wood softer, affecting the integrity of the frets. Once or twice a year is sufficient, usually.
  9. Um, so-called ceramic magnets are Ferrites, which are chemical compounds consisting of ceramic materials with iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3) as their principal component.
  10. Maybe it doesn't know the words. Seriously, it's probably a wiring connection problem. Take it back to the guy who installed the pickups - if he's the right sort, he'll fix it for no charge.
  11. IMO, the Epi version of the 339 is long overdue. VERY tempting......
  12. I'm not sure about nitro lacquer, but there's an obvious football-shaped mark on a poly-coated Squier that I bought used, obviously caused by a sticker that was there. The guitar was only a year or two old when I got it, so it wasn't like the sticker had been there for several years.
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