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  1. I think it's the best thing they have ever built. When it came out it was the top of the line. But people don't seem to go for it. Why do you think that is?
  2. Haha. Yeah I been away for a while. Worked hard in the industry for so long and took a break from the forums when I left. Enjoyed what I have and became a regular guy for a while. Haha
  3. I have a 12 fret L00 tuxedo. Love it.
  4. Fishman. much more balanced and full sound. The Fender tries so hard to cut out distortion that they just cut out too much in the mids and bass (b/c those frequencies distort the easiest). Fender is just so much top end and sounds empty. The Fishman sounds much more natural. -Keith
  5. most people don't understand what REAL old Gibson sounds like. it's not like modern guitars (even reissues) would make you think. I don't mean quality. I mean type of sound. it really is a different thing. most people are so used to modern guitars that they actually don't like 20s and 30s Gibsons. that being said, the 1928 L-1 Tribute is hands down the closest thing Gibson makes these days to an actual old Gibson. Amazing guitars. I wish I could justify buying one today. -Keith
  6. price is a factor, and everyone wants a deal.... but it's not a guitar pedal. it's a wooden, handmade guitar. They are all different and if it costs me 5% more to get THE one that speaks to me, then I pay it. I hear such a difference between different individuals within the same model. I just couldn't order one because it cost a little less. WAY too much variation. I have played dogs and gems made the same day with sequential serial numbers. Keith
  7. J45 and D28 are great... but AJ all the way. It just does everything with a little bit more of everything! -Keith
  8. I have played one. not overly bass heavy like you might think due to size. I think the walnut makes it more balanced. beautiful guitar though. Keith
  9. They often make models exclusively for the Japanese market. not sure what that stamp on the headstock means.... but no, they aren't built in Japan unless they are fake which that doesn't appear to be. -Keith edit: I see the spec sheet now. the reason it says "no" next to made in usa is to show that it will NOT have a made in USA stamp on the headstock (vintage correct) NOT to mean that it isn't made in America
  10. Most are much better. He is just an angry old man who loves to tell everyone that new guitars are junk, his old ones are the only good ones, and us "kids" (under 50) don't know anything because we aren't as old as him. Then he throws in a few more personal insults and innuendo. Just read his old posts. He does that, and then everyone ignores him. The rest of the folks are pretty friendly and helpful though! As for J45s..... the TV is one of the best and most consistent. If I had to buy one without playing it, that's the way I would go. There are tons of great limited models out there, so they are always an option. I think an adi top is almost always worth it too. The TV and most limited runs will have it. I know you said you don't like the look of the TV, but maybe it will grow on you! Haha. The adi takes a little longer to sound sweet too. If you like the standard then don't worry. It has a great sound and you may just be lucky.... don't have to spend the extra. I really would suggest spending a little longer looking though. Play tons more. Since you are just getting into the nice acoustic realm, take your time. Learn all you can and tune your ear to them like you have electrics. Get to that sort of comfort level and see what speaks to you. I don't know any dealers in your area that I would endorse. It doesn't mean there aren't any though! Hopefully some more people will chime in with better answers to that question. Keith
  11. the answer, of course is that you need to handle a bunch of them and see which one speaks to you. If that's impossible, we can try to help... but that would be best. Where are you located? -Keith
  12. they are pretty cool. they don't have the bigger neck of the previous L-00TV run, but otherwise are the same (Adi top and all that). These just have a standard Blues King sized neck. they do actually cost a little less than the previous run too. They also come with a nicer than standard case AND funny enough, they ship with the gig bag that the Blues King used to ship with too! Sort of a funny, but cool surprise. -Keith
  13. specs didn't change on January 1. Early 1969 guitars have the same specs as a 1968. they are worth a little bit less, but not much.
  14. is Phantom power turned on at the board? I hope not!
  15. Lots of love here! Check my avatar.
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