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  1. I've had this 1971 ES-345 in Walnut for around 2 years now. It came with a non original Gotoh bridge, which always niggled me as it was alot newer and shinier than the rest of the gold hardware. Cue to the present, I've sourced an old ABR bridge for it. Tonight I tried to fit it, but it turns out the Gotoh post screws are thicker than the ABR holes. I've tried putting the ABR post screws into the studs, but as expected they aren't compatible but I have got them far enough down that they are secure. So now I imagine that the studs aren't original. Can anyone tell me what my best option
  2. I'm having a problem in that some of the bracing is getting in the way. I have it fitted just now so that only the top 2 adhesives are sticking to the guitar, but it's sitting at an angle as one of the braces is running through where the bottom adhesive needs to be. The brace I'm talking about also has a triangle top to it in the middle hence why the anthem is not sitting well. Anyone have experience with fitting the Anthem to a Gibson?
  3. Was negotiating with a seller to buy one of these but he's decided to keep it. Now I have my heart set on one. Does anyone have one that they've thought about selling, or know of one for sale? Preferably wine red.
  4. I didn't measure it by doing hat, but. Have just done that and it's not as much as 1.5mm. Measuring from holding the 1st and 21st fret here is stilla. Bit relief, it is sitting about 0.75-1mm above the fret at the 12th fret. How can I rectify this so I have more play with the truss rod? Does it sound like something that the dehumidifier could have caused?
  5. Sorry, I mean between the string. Measuring from the top string tuned to E, the 12th fret sinks to around 1.5mm more compared to the string at the 21st. Theres a fair dip.
  6. I was getting readings of 65% on my hygrometer in my guitar room, so I stuck a dehumidifier in over the winter to get a steady 50%. Now I have noticed that I have an extra bit of relief on the neck, and the truss rod isn't sorting it as it is tight as it is. It's about 1.5mm in difference between the 12th fret and 21st. It may be a coincidence, but I think it must be something to do with the dehumidifier and drying it out a tad, even though it's it a big jump. Is there a way I can sort this without drastic action? I've had it sitting in a room of 60% for a few days but it's not adjust
  7. Weirdest thing...so I had a gig last night, so I decided to restring the guitar a during the day yesterday. I used to use 11's when I first got the guitar, but when I had a studio session booked in earlier this year, I switched to 12's to get that big jumbo sound. It wasn't long after this it developed a high action, but I know this could have been partly down to the humidity in the summer. Sometimes I play 3 hour acoustic sets on my own, and I have found myself reaching for my backup epiphone rather than my gibson, as the Epiphone has 11's and the Gibsons 12's would give me sore finge
  8. Thing is it's been like this for a while. I've stored it case for a couple of months, it's had a day here and there in a room with a dehumidifier, sometimes in its case near a radiator, with no movement. I had it a few weeks in its case with a couple of silica packs aswell. Might be worth trying the humidipaks. It's a strange one, it did get humid in the room at one point when I didn't notice, but I'd have thought it would have dried out by now.
  9. I also think its a case of being overhumidified. I'm kicking myself for not storing it in its case instead of out on a stand. What's the reverse process of this? Is it treatable?
  10. I custom ordered my SJ 2 years ago an d love it. However, after sitting out in my guitar room for a few months I noticed the action was raised a fair. It. I out it down to the guitar breaking in being new. There was a good bit on the saddle, so I sanded it down to basically as far as it would go without going too far, but it's not enough. The action is probably 20% higher than what I'd like it! but then how do I get it further down without going on to modify the bridge etc? I'm dreading hearing the words 'neck reset'. Opinions?
  11. I have a Gibson 355 Mono with Bigsby, but would like to add a baritone switch to it - even if I don't wire it in. Could anyone tell me where I could get one? With a gold bracket and black knob. Any help appreciated.
  12. Sorry to hear about your fraud, glad to hear everything worked out. Out of interest, how is the guitar? How does it play etc? Obviously nowhere near a real gibson, but are they well built?
  13. Finally got an Inspired By JL Revolution after seeking a mint one for a few months as I couldnt find one new. Although I thought I was satisfied with my Gibson ES-355 and Epi Sheraton as my 'Semi Arsenal', the Casino is just so different to them both. The P90's, coupled with the hollow body, is a sound that cant be replicated. Im more a Harrison fan than a Lennon fan, but he played these guitars aswell, just with Lennon's name on. I went for the inspired by because of the upgrade in electronics - and the lack of finish, and vintage specs played a part too. I had to upgrade my Sheraton
  14. As the title suggests, how easy would this be to do? It is on an Epi Sheraton I have, I would like to change the smaller 'E' trussrod cover for a Les Paul bell shape. The problem I can see is there is no wood at the bottom by the nut for a screw to be placed...would it be easy enough to fill and paint a bit black wood there, and still have access to the truss rod?
  15. Onto a Sheraton mate, slight curve on the bridge pickup?
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