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  1. Sitting down, reclining on the sofa, standing up...I play it just about any and every way.
  2. Have not seen or heard anything definite. Figure right here is the place to put rumor to rest.
  3. They are worth every penny. Great guitars for the $$.
  4. A slow Am right on into "Angie."
  5. I'm sure this has probably been discussed but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know if the Gibson Showcase store is going to re-open at Oprymills? And if yes...When? thanks
  6. Dan Tyminski, Harley Allen and Pat Enright
  7. Yep. I use the beer-bottle washers on my LP. I like the schallers but I have read that some modification of the screw-hole is required and I'm not going there. Oh yea-my tenth post...I'm legal now!
  8. StijnV- That's some good info there. Very detailed and helpful...thanks
  9. The ones in mine seem a bit harsh. One could say brighter I suppose.
  10. You gotta pay your dues... Seriously though, I believe you have to go to Mississippi at midnight or you could try the 12-bar blues shuffle.
  11. I play just about everyday. I don't know if I would call that practice or not. I need to practice everyday though. Usually try to get minimum one hour each day. It's a great way to unwind.
  12. I have one also. The finish is...not good but the hardware and electronics are top shelf for the most part. I do plan to put some Sheptone PAF's in it and Jonesy-wired pots. Add a set-up at Glaser's and it should be awesome. I can live with it not being pretty as long as the neck's straight and it sounds right.
  13. GySgtFTL

    strap locks

    +1 for the beer washers on the LP. I bought a dozen of them off ebay for about $3. I have the schallers on my strat and they work awesome.
  14. Good to hear that it's working out okay. I had my concerns regarding the Baked Maple but other than the appearance, there really should not be that much difference.
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