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  1. I like the movie and really dig the song being in the movie,especially when they get onstage with their beards,seriously funny.I listened to all 3 versions,PP&Mary,Charm city devils and the Soggy Mountain bottom boys (Thanks to everyone who posted them) and I like the SMBboys best.Does anyone know who did the vocals I wouldn't think it was George Cloney.



    Dan Tyminski, Harley Allen and Pat Enright

  2. I have one also. The finish is...not good but the hardware and electronics are top shelf for the most part. I do plan to put some Sheptone PAF's in it and Jonesy-wired pots. Add a set-up at Glaser's and it should be awesome. I can live with it not being pretty as long as the neck's straight and it sounds right.

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