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  1. Thanks everyone. I just ordered the Levy's garment leather m26 from amazon.
  2. Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet, but I can't seem to get the answers I need using the "search forum" box this morning. I'm a beginner who is trying to start playing while standing up. I bought a super cheap strap -- nylon webbing, I believe -- at the local guitar store, and using it I get the infamous SG neck dive big time. From what I have read online before, the use of leather straps seems to prevent this. What brands/model ought I consider? I'd prefer black, minimum or no bling, and would like to keep the price around $50 if possible.
  3. I searched the forums for "strap lock" and got a whole bunch of results that...apparently had nothing to do with strap locks. So here I post a question I thought I could easily have found an answer to. Oh well. Simply, I'm looking for direct-fit strap locks for my 2010 SG Classic. I have a set of locks -- invented by a guitar teacher, if I recall -- that fit over the stock pins after the strap is put on, and they do the job, but they're also kinda clunky. Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks -- I have no idea why I didn't search eBay for a used case, especially since eBay is where I bought the brand new SKB. Doh!
  5. I remember that guitar. Did you buy it in March or April? Seems like around that time is when it found a home.
  6. Does your SG's body rest flat in the body cavity? Mine doesn't quite, which is what sets the neck off a bit.
  7. Because the fit is slightly off around the body, it does cause it to be a bit askew at the headstock. When I get it back from a setup I'll check it out to see how askew it is. Wrapping it in a towel would be an easy if inelegant solution, or I might just sell it and get the real thing after all. Should have done that in the first place I guess, I just wanted to save $75 is all.
  8. I didn't realize it until it was delivered, but the SKB case I got for my SG isn't as perfect a fit as the Gibson case appears to be in pictures. No doubt this is because the SKB is designed for a number of SG-style guitars, and needs to be a jack of all trades in that regard. My question is -- is it a big deal to have a somewhat more generic fit, or might there be consequences over time?
  9. Thanks -- that bracket, from that angle at least, looks like a piece that's altogether separate from the pickup. Am I looking at it wrong? What I've gathered so far is that the pickup needs to be made with a modified base plate (i.e., special ordered).
  10. I want to put some Lollar P90s in my 2010 SG Classic, and am a bit unclear about the "bat wing" used to mount the soapbars to the pickguard from below. Matt at Lollar asked me to take some measurements, and after I hung up the phone I realized I am still confused on what to look for and provide for information. Has anyone ordered P90s for the SG Classic who can help me understand what to ask for when ordering it?
  11. I just came across your question. I suppose I'm biased, but I know these guys and help them out at guitar shows. They're very decent people -- very fair -- and love vintage gear.
  12. So I think I'm down to a choice between the 15:1 TonePros Kluson BW or 14:1 Grover Deluxe Keystones. The Grovers also appear like a direct fit for the 2010 SG Classic. Can anyone comment on whether the TonePros are worth the extra $20ish and why? Also, aside from being 15:1 vs 14:1, how else is the TPKBW better than the stock vintage Kluson style tuners?
  13. Is "bolt bushing" what is meant by the spec "10mm (13/32")-diameter pegholes required"? Also, what about mounting holes -- how do I determine, without a side by side comparison, whether a tuner is identical or needs some modification?
  14. Great, thank you. While I have your attention -- what's a good replacement nut? Or is it worth it or even possible to recut the stock nut? A friend observed that the low E and A strings in particular didn't seem to sit well.
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