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  1. If the store is descent they will still honor the price. It has only been a day or two. IF not call the GC in Carle Place NY and see what they can do for you. They made a great deal for me. I know it sounds like I work there, I don't, just trying to help out. You can try saying that you have another store that is willing to do it, but the store is out of state and you'd rather buy it local for convenience, they may be influenced and want to make the sale. IT all depends on their markup and how much mercy they sold recently (I think.)
  2. It is going to be an America Standard Strat as soon as I get paid again! Looks like I can get it for $750 new. I'm losing my whole bank account this year due to the incredible price drops on musical equipment for the holiday sales. I had an anniversary start, can't remember what year, but it was dropped and cracked all the way up the body (still played better than any other electric I ever had.) I was thinking about getting a les paul studio, but the American starts have dropped in price and for some reason I've just always liked the fender strat more.
  3. If you want that guitar you can get it for $1650. YOu just have to know that you will not, under any circumstances, pay more than that. Be willing to walk out of the store a dozen times without the guitar. Leave a card with your number on it and tell them if they ever want to sell a guitar that you are ready to buy one, right now, for $1650. Always be polite and never be anxious to get your hands on it, I'll bet you have it within a week unless that store has sold a ton of merch recently. Now is the time though, specifically for guitar center and musicians friend. I've picked up some amazing, a-ma-zing deals this holiday season. I picked up the tascam us-800 for $89.00 and it is no re-listed at $199.00 Let the store know that you saw the guitar listed at $1650 and you want it. If they are decent they'll get it done. If not, call the Guitar Center at Carle Place, NY. They are the best in my area and they'll do anything they can to make it happen, ask for Crystal or Tom. Again, I don't work for GC and have no affiliation. I'm just a musician who knows a good deal when he sees one. I'm actually a little glad to see the price went up and that it was just an incentive price, makes me feel better about the quality. I'm loving every minute with my AJ pro. best of luck. it took me years to get a Gibson, every time I went in no one would even look at me if I didn't have at least $2k. This season it seems like $1700 is almost a guaranteed sale for the new Gibson lines, like the "pro" The guys at the store said they thought the pricing was reflective of the legal trouble that Gibson was having and the poor economy. I do not believe that these prices will last.
  4. I thought the j-45 was quiet, a little bit muddier, harder to discern notes. If I wanted to play quietly I might pick the j-45, not for a campfire... You might struggle to hear it.
  5. I think the AJ Pro is 25 1/2, but what does that mean as far as sound/playability... Idk.
  6. I'd really like to play one, but haven't seen one yet. I think there is nonway that it sounds and plays like a Songwriter Deluxe Studio. If anyone has the chance to play one please let me know, love to hear what they think.
  7. I didn't know we were talking cosmetics, I never paid attention to that either. I think there are pretty guitars all over the place, but it's the sound. When a Gibson is on... I don't know, it literally makes my spine tingle. Now, not every Gibson I've played does that (actually most don't), but the ones that do... That's what I need. I feel like I hear things that, range of sound, fullness, depth, clarity... And no other guitars do that for me. It's actually a little strange and for the longest time I kept wondering "how hard can it be to make a good guitar, why do you have to be a Gibson to get it right?" I don't know why, but apparently it is hard and not even they get it right every time.
  8. That is interesting. Can't wait to find out what it really is.
  9. Yeah I agree, even the Gibsons I don't want... I usually find something to like about them.
  10. Just saw a new Gibson Songwriter Special listing for $1650. Isn't this way below the normal price for any Gibson acoustic? Are these new GC guitars going to be OK or is this an attempt to sell shoddy merch? Anyone have any experience? I've already seen the Pro line drop from its $1999 price to $1750, makes me worry a bit about the quality.
  11. I don't know anything except for what I hear, but what I hear is that even within the same model at the same store there is a good deal of variation. Some guitars just sound "not right" and others sound "right". Don't know if I can do any better than that for an explanation besides saying I can hear it.
  12. Hi there, I've been comparing a few guitars at my GC, including the AJ pro and the hummingbird pro. I have to say that I am surprised in the differences in guitars, even the same model. Buying a guitar is a really personal experience, not like buying a cup of coffee where it is always the same 24/7 (not saying you thought it was, but that I thought the guitars would be more standardized.) I've been playing the same four or five Gibsons for about a week and I cam down to this conclusion: They are all nice guitars. Ok seriously... hummingbird Pro had a little wider range of sound, but less projection and perhaps a little less treble than the AJ pro. However, I found the AJ pro with the sunburnt finish to be tinny, not good compared to the AJ pro with a natural finish. I thought the J-45 Standard was a bit reserved, it didn't project like either the hummingbird pro or the AJ pro, but it itself had a slight bit more refined sound which was also nice. And I played a studio deluxe which was really nice, didn't project as much as the AJ pro but it had a clarity to the sound which was very nice. Lastly I played a J-100 which was the loudest of them all and was really easy to play, sounded great, but again different than the others. That probably didn't help at all, sorry. All I know is that every guitar sounded different, and mostly good. I sat with four or five guitars for an hour and still was very confused at the end which one I liked. I picked up a $2k Taylor and immediately put it down. I'd rather have any of the Gibsons. The taylor sounded flat, but I'm going off topic. If you play both the hummingbird and the AJ and you can't decide then try a third guitar like a studio deluxe, then go back to the AJ and the hummingbird. It might help you to figure out what you like by moving a little away from it and coming back.
  13. Went back to the store today just to take a look, they have a used sj-100 in perfect shape for $1499. I think I have to stop going to the music store or I'll drive myself nuts. It is stressful because each time I play a different model I hear something different. I wish I could take them all home, lol. I have until the end of January to decide which guitar is for me, but I'm pretty sure it will be the one I have at home now. After playing all the ones at the store I came back and played this AJ pro and it still sounded sweet. I'll keep comparing for a few more weeks, from time to time, just to be sure. Yeah, it is stressful. But, I can't complain about this kinda stress.
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