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  1. Unless you are holding onto a water pipe - you make a terrible ground. The guitar is grounded through the amp, and so it is grounding you when you touch it's metal.
  2. Your grounds are fine. You can tell because the noise goes away when you touch metal on the guitar, so it is clearly connected to ground; the same thing will happen if you just hold the guitar and touch any other grounded metal - like say on the amp, or via a wire to the ground lug on an outlet- because YOU are being grounded. The guitar, and your body, act like big antennas picking up all the RF noise in the air. When you just hold the guitar, your RF noise gets radiated into the electronics/pickups. But when you are grounded and hold the guitar, you act as a big shield for the guitar and all the noise you collect is dumped to ground instead.
  3. Thanks Chris, Nothing fancy - it’s just like this Fender scheme with a 150k value parallel resistor and 20k series. Put the same bleed on both volume pots between switch lug and PUP lug. https://www.fender.com/articles/tech-talk/how-a-treble-bleed-circuit-can-affect-your-tone Sounds like the Fender engr. uses the 20K to tweak as needed.
  4. So when I got my new Classic a couple months ago, 1st thing I did was re-wire as independent volume controls. I had done this to other LPs in the past, w/o knowing the tonal downside. Luckily after playing alongside a couple other new guitars (gretsch 6128 & Am Pro Strat), I realized just how dark the LP was (yech!). I also usually play at home at like 4-5 at home (which I soon found out also didn't help). After searching on-line - didn't take long to read how much trebles are lost w/independent wiring...duh! how did I miss that so often?!? So rewired back to modern, & much better over all - whew - I like my LP again! :) BUT still darker when volume rolled off...huh - next up to try - treble bleed! Which I learned/knew is stock on the Strat and Gretsch. Well it seems everyone has their favorite values and configurations - Kinman/Duncan/Fender/etc. etc. I started with .0018cap in parallel with 150K resistor (on Vol pot lugs)...definitely an improvement - but seemed louder, and maybe a bit too bright. Didn't note any problem with 500K pot tapers. After more research, finally settled on trying a .0012cap Parallel with 150K resistor in series with a 20K resistor. I went with that due to various opinions: I had .0012 trop fish cap, this research/chart showing .001/150K curve and how well it matches stock at full volume (but louder - as I had noted, which I hope the 20K solves), plus Fender's take (.0012para/220k series w/20K), plus TV Jones take (.002 para/150K vs 500K pots). That combo seems fine and better overall for brightness and volume, w/no taper issues, so will go with that. Any comments/opinions?
  5. Looks like one of these... https://reverb.com/p/gibson-lg-0-acoustic-guitar?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-ofdt9Ht1gIVhUCGCh2kAwHHEAQYBSABEgKcZPD_BwE&hfid=6626093 An LG-0? That one from 1966 is 400970. http://vintage-guitars.blogspot.com/2006/05/gibson-lg-0.html
  6. Have not been a Standard fan, mostly because of the electric circuit board used in the later years. I prefer Traditionals and now the new Classic (w/RW fretboards). I'm sure the new ones are great, but if I could have an earlier one that had the old school wiring, and all the other specs were good - why not?
  7. jmg257

    Classic 2017

    If its not for you, then no foul in getting something you like!
  8. Looking for the specific model of Grover Locking tuners that are stock on the 2017 LP Classic. Couple of the tuners won't tighten enough on the head-stock (???) - and want to add another washer. Thanks! ETA: never mind - just shortened the bushing to tighten the fit.
  9. jmg257

    Classic 2017

    Can't compare it to an EPI, but I love my 2017 Classic (Goldtop). '57 Pick-ups, 60s neck, old school wiring, locking tuners. I went in looking for a Traditional, but didn't bond with the few they had. Luckily I finally checked the specs online for the lone Goldtop/Classic they had, figuring the PUPs were the old ceramic - thrilled to see they were 57s! I play mine through a Blackstar HT-5rh, and as of last night a Classic 20 MH...sweet!
  10. GHS Vintage Bronze. I always turn to them to mellow out a too-bright guitar.
  11. Linseed oil gets a lot of recs too, by all kinds of manufacturers and repair guys. I like it for sealing and water proofing gun stocks - it gets absorbed into raw wood, and dries hard after a fairly short time. You can go light and have a satin look, or add more gloss with multiple coats. I'll pass from using it on my raw fretboards.
  12. Assuming of course the 'lemon' in the 'lemon oil' is real citrus based...which means it contains D-limonene. (Hard to know really what the 'lemon oil' contains to call it 'lemon oil'). Anyway, I choose not to put a liquid which might contain one of the strongest natural solvents on my fretboards, or anywhere else where it will be transferred to the nitro finish. There are better choices if you MUST oil your fret-board that do not contain solvents (Bore Dr., Music Nomad) http://www.ppiatlanta.com/pdfs/DataS...ne-%20uses.pdf "d-Limonene is an effective solvent to directly replace the toxic solvent components in existing solvent blends" "d-Limonene will usually clean graffiti (including effectively replacing xylene in graffiti removers) off concrete because of its ability to remove paint." "d-Limonene is a very good solvent for removal of adhesives from various substrates."
  13. I get bored easy, and I love getting something new. And once I bite, I then get excited reading about other guitars...that I just have to have. As long as I am playing, eventually I am thinking about what else might be cool to have. I have controlled it lately, and been more $$ sensible. Definitely need a few at any time just for comparisons and variety.
  14. Put a set on my D28 Marquis just last night. I had notes from a few years ago that they seemed to 'remove some of the color of PhosBronze' so I didn't like them too much (I also had a D-18GE back then, but unfortunately don't have my notes on how the Monels were on that). After a recent change with Helix PBs, the -28 sounded a bit too...'wet' - like a damp towel was in there (I also lowered humidity a couple %). The Tony Rice cleared that sogginess up, sounded a little cleaner and clearer, and after a little noodling I liked the change enough to order a few more sets. I'll try them out further tonight, but so far I think they'll be on there for a while, as well will be tried on my OM-21 (8/2 now) and maybe even the LG-2.
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