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  1. recently I've found myself obsessed with bands from the NWOBHM movement. Particular favorites are Witchfinder General,Angel Witch,Grim Reaper,and VERY early Def Leppard from before they sold their souls to top 40 rock radio(pre-Pyromania)
  2. a better shot of my 2008 May Guitar Of The Month Les Paul Premium Push-tone. The wall behind it was just painted last week in Roasted Nut brown. Man I love how it makes the flame in the maple top just pop out at you.
  3. excited to be seeing Jeff Beck on October 13

  4. These look a lot like my 2008 Les Paul Push Tone. It was the May 2008 Guitar of the Month model. While it appears to be a Studio Plus Top with Chrome hardware, I find looking closely at the guitar it has more in common with a Standard than a Studio... just missing the binding. Click on the pic for a larger image.
  5. Of course, if you've got one from the original production run and they start making them again, advertising it as an original and not a reissue could mean more resale value.
  6. I love the color. The look of the LP double cutaway never appealed to me, but the color of this one makes it stand out.
  7. This, I reall like. I tend to like stuff that's different. Whoever had the pic of "The Goddess", I like that finish too. very unique.
  8. really loving my Les Paul Push Tone.

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