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  1. Thanks!! Yea I only see now the old guitars they sold.after she said it was the only one.ebay should reaLy do something about it
  2. The pics And she's sayn I gots 12 hours to pay if I want it
  3. So waiting for more pics from the seller. Listing was for a week,his only guitar,good feedback with other items.also waiting for pics to send to gibson for help.
  4. thanks for the help yea waiting for answers from gibson/epipone to see if tey know about this one
  5. so not sure cause got it cheap didnt pay yet,just before i wat to see if its real got serial for it looks ok EE07097311 thats what the seller gave me
  6. anyway tryd askin epiphone but didnt reply yet i got this guitar of ebay
  7. so you ended up selling it? or still have it?
  8. so with all this here do you think i can ask someone at epiphone to tellme if it is or how fake it is
  9. lol dont worrie i dont fake guitars just never had an epiphone before so dont know them thanks for the help
  10. yea pickguard looks fake to me. how can the serial number be real if its fake?
  11. thanks for all the help i it looks fake to me too. wasent sure as i never had a gibson or epiphone.
  12. out of a trunk. sorry not a goldtop but say slash on it and its gold i think fake but for real cheap.
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