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  1. I'm sure it won't be cheap!! As long as it not like rediculous like over 2grand!!
  2. Does anyone know if Gibson does refinishing? I want to refinish my double neck, the previous owner tried to refin it in cherry, it's ok but I really like The natural mahogany finish like The old double neck mclaughlin had. I was wondering if I could send it to Gibson and have them do it, I mean why not go to the sourse right. Ok well if anybody here knows or can tell me how to go about it I'd appreciate it.
  3. tattoo

    Serial # help

    No its an eds 1275. I was told it a 74 and everything leads me to think so but I always like to verify myself
  4. tattoo

    Serial # help

    Hi can anyone help me with this serial number ,I'm trying to check age and authenticity and any info. The number is 409351 thanks
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me date this double neck? The serial numbers 409351 thanks also I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place, it's been awhile
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