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  1. I'm sure it won't be cheap!! As long as it not like rediculous like over 2grand!!
  2. Does anyone know if Gibson does refinishing? I want to refinish my double neck, the previous owner tried to refin it in cherry, it's ok but I really like The natural mahogany finish like The old double neck mclaughlin had. I was wondering if I could send it to Gibson and have them do it, I mean why not go to the sourse right. Ok well if anybody here knows or can tell me how to go about it I'd appreciate it.
  3. tattoo

    Serial # help

    No its an eds 1275. I was told it a 74 and everything leads me to think so but I always like to verify myself
  4. tattoo

    Serial # help

    Hi can anyone help me with this serial number ,I'm trying to check age and authenticity and any info. The number is 409351 thanks
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me date this double neck? The serial numbers 409351 thanks also I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place, it's been awhile
  6. tattoo

    335 v.s 347

    Well I wasn't replacing my 335 just interested in some opinions on the diferances, and what some peoples preferances were. I usually fiend for a new guitar once a year lol. The type if music I play is kind of a metal jazz fusiony stuff. You can check my band out at reverb nation or facebook the bands called "we are the metal god sin wagon"
  7. tattoo

    335 v.s 347

    Ok let's hear the arguements, wich is the best of the line 335,345,or347.. I have an 07 335 but I'm jones'n for a new guitar and thought I'd ask for some opinions..
  8. well by out of wack im assuming its buzzing all over the place..and im also assuming neck is straight and you had very low action on it before string change, so with the jump up in gauges you need to adjust the bridge. being you only went up a guage you really only need to raise bridge ever so slightly until no more buzz and you probably dont need to adjust intonation since its such a small adjustment, however you should check intonation like clayville sugested. this should be no big deal and only take a little while.
  9. Wonder if there's a way to speed it along, like maby leave it in sun lit room or somethin
  10. hi my question is purely an aesthetic one, out of curiosity.. i have an 02 es335 and am wondering if it will yellow or amber so to speak like a les paul will over time and even finish check? i love the guitar and it has killer tone and is incredibly versatile and ill prob keep forever but its just so damn bright yellow lol, im hopeing it will amber over time, its pretty new being an 02, and im not sure if gibson uses the same clear coat or laquers on 335's as les pauls, well just figured i throw it out there and see what your opinions are, ok thanks
  11. +1 on the pics..... perhaps it was a custom order, i have a 79 in all silver not silverburst which would be correct for that period, not being the original owner i was trying to find out about the color and gibson told me it was probably a custom order.i know its a different year but maby yours could be a custom order as well.
  12. first off id like to thank everybody for all their input it helped!! however after some serious consideration and several trips to the music store, and with a more realistic view of the type of music i mostly play, ive actually gone with neither 225 or 175 but an es 335 ... im more of a fusiony type than straight traditional jazz, all though i do dabble in it but not my main style. i found the 335 to be unbelievably versatile. i can get a pretty damn good jazz tone with neck pickup and the tone rolled off and thats without flatwounds on her and for fusion its just smooth as hell. she plays unbelievably smooth and fast there was no going back after i picked her up. maby some day ill go for the 175 but for no its all 335!!well thanks again guys ill post some pics if i can rember how to do it lol
  13. THanks guys, part of me says play it safe and go for the 70's 175 but man I don't know what it is but that damn 225 keeps callin me lol idk well wich ever I go with I'll post some picks
  14. thanks guys. yea im leaning towards the 225 im hoping with the p90s warmness and the tone rolled back ill get a really good warm jazzy tone close to the 175, im still a little torn but ill let ya know wich way i go, thanks again
  15. Hello all, I'm looking for some opinions, I'm mostly a Les Paul player but have curently ben playing jazz for the past 9 months or so and am currently in the market for what elese a new Gibson lol, I've been thinking of an es 175 or a es225. I like the 175 but since I've played mostly Les pauls for the past 20yrs I wonder if the thicker body will be uncomfortable which leads me to the thinline 225 or perhaps a different model.anyways hope to hear opinions on the two models Pros and cons or even another sugestion ok thanks
  16. was wondering if anyone could tell me what year gibson started stamping the dates on back of the paf's? could it be 78? thanks brian
  17. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what year gibson started stamping the dates on back of the paf's? could it be 78? thanks brian
  18. thanks for the info tim. i was reading on the gibson site on how to spot a fake,and one of the ways was they said was the logo on the vos was silk screened and not a decal. and on mine the gibson logo looks like a decal but where it says les paul model is silk screened and being the neurotic mess i am ,led me to try and run serial number on some site instead of checking with gib first. and when nothing came up i s@#$t, lol!!! but anyway thanks for the info
  19. in 2000 they made a limited run gary moore signature model. you could probably find one online somewhere maby ebay. they were nice but they didnt have any binding so to me it seemed more like an expensive lp studio with someones name on it.
  20. its a vos 58. i got nervous when i tried out of couriosity to run serial num and nothing came up. and i wasnt sure how the vos' numbers worked.
  21. please could anyone confirm year of build and model details (colour...) for a serial number 881418 thanks
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