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  1. In your imgur pic library - Copy the BBCode (message boards & forums), place it where you want the image to appear in your post.... done.
  2. Congratulations on a fine instrument. If reso is someone's primary instrument, they may want a high end model. Otherwise, Beard cone comes with the PBR. I've had my PBR for 5-6yrs. fantastic for slide or arpeggio. Try a Clayton Pork Knuckle slide if you want a deep rewarding tone. Thin slides just don't get down there to the magic it can deliver.
  3. Justin won't play a fiberglass shovel is the word out there.
  4. Gibson marketing/R&D Dept needs their budget to be taken away.
  5. Listen for Charlie Watts on percussion, he's been carrying the Stone in live shows since day one. Charlie sits in the background, each time I've seen the Stones he comes to the foreground in what I hear, best ever. have a large time
  6. There is nothing to compare, love em both. Stone's 'Honky Tonk Women' is in a class by itself... vise versa for this lil' Beatles thing:
  7. Long standing topic at the retirement village:
  8. The 510's are very good, if you can find them locally would be best. StewMac wants you to buy Waverly, which is good. You might also want to try this one: http://www.philadelphialuthiertools.com/search.php?search_query=gotoh+510
  9. BK, thanks for the post / link, your Waterloo fits you like a glove, you can make it talk. If you ever get to sit down with a C10... then, it will make sense where Bill Collings is coming from. I've been playing his guitars for 10ys. I never met the man but I felt like I lost a dear friend when he passed away. My 2008 Collings CJmhAssSB:
  10. Thanks drathbun, SRV on top of his game. Perfect example of what can't be done fingerstyle on an acoustic.
  11. NY Post is like all Murdoch News Corpse publications, butt wipe.
  12. +1 on Shure SM81 Been using one for tens years to record acoustic guitar and Shure KSM44 for vocals. :)
  13. It's why Martins are favored for bluegrass.... banjo killers, go Martin go.
  14. "the notes you don't play are as important as those you do" Couldn't be said better ZW.
  15. +1 bobouz The rounded lower bout = small jumbo. Guild built the first F112s in Hoboken (NJ) with a OM/GA lower bout, not so rounded as the Westerly vers like my F112. The #1 thing to watch for with these older Guilds is the neck to bridge eval, many are sold because they need a neck reset has been my experience. Ok to buy one but factor in the cost of reset. Mine has had a reset.
  16. Old Guilds are special, my Westerly 1971 F112 small jumbo:
  17. billroy, you'll be much happier with the 40... it won't be dull I promise. I returned a TD60 someone recommended, way too dull.... replaced with 45.
  18. billroy, BC Picks does not offer recommendations because words have different meanings, stairway to heaven. For playing mostly rhythm, you might want a more rounded tip, many options. For playing lead, you might want a TD teardrop tip. Thickness, thinner will make it more bright and the thicker will make it less bright. Road goes on forever....
  19. If you haven't found it already, the resohangout forum would make a good read. Roundneck/bottleneck players will be ignored, promise.
  20. The bevel (L or R) is for speed and/or clean note finess. The round bevel (RB) is good for strumming. I often turn the right bevel TD point to the side when I want to switch to a chordial rhythm part and then turn the point back to the strings for arpeggio. I have a TD43 RB, seldom gets much action. The heavy picks like the 60-100 are almost always used by bluegrass shredders, loudest diddle diddle volume contest with the banjo twangers. hee haw
  21. I've owned a couple of mine for 6-7yrs, good as new. Anytime you want to have one re-buffed/shined or re-beveled.... just send it in and they will return, only cost is postage. When ordering on-line, at checkout in the special instructions, order for a TAD1R - specify you want it at 35, 37, 39, 57, etc. Just rec'd my custom SR55 last week. Value? There is no substitute for a pick that frees your wrist from the tension required to hold a plastic pick.
  22. MikeCT (OP of this thread) I hope you have been able to glean some insight from members who actually own and use BlueChip picks. As you know BlueChips are not sticky, they're just much easier to grip and lessen the wrist tension, which is an invaluable benefit. best
  23. FZ, any size you wish starting at 35... 35 = 35/1000" or .89mm vs typical plastic, the BC will sound a tad stronger and brighter in my experience. The more rounded tip models vs Tear Drop (TD) will also effect tone. I found the TD35 to be too thin and bright, a tad so for the TD40, thus my 42. I use the 53 for my huge sounding Collings CJ, softens it up a bit. Many options but imo 40 is a good place to start, browse their site: http://shop.bluechippick.net/categories/TD/
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