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  1. Looks like the D35 went for $1.095M and the Black Strat went for $3.975M. The whole collection went for $21 million in total.
  2. I expect this is the result of an over-eager sunburst spray painter. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32868913962.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3a351c51yy6k4q&algo_pvid=04cc3099-0a5f-469e-8a23-c9169ad73efc&algo_expid=04cc3099-0a5f-469e-8a23-c9169ad73efc-56&btsid=9052f44b-12c2-4bf1-8e41-609885991bb4&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_10%2Csearchweb201603_53
  3. The auction is on right now. David's 1969 Martin D35 went for $900,000. Strat 0001 and the Black Strat will be well over a million.
  4. I'm surprised at the prices of some of these guitars. I'm guessing those are starting bids? I mean, Strat #0001 for $150K? The beautiful Taylor 716ce he played "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" live and solo in concert is only $3000? Crikey! And where is the Lewis 24 fret? Edit: I found the Jedsen lap steel!
  5. I was heartbroken when he got rid of his blonde J200 in the late 70's. When he picked one up again around 10 years I ago I thought... you can take the Gibson out of the hands but never out of your heart.
  6. Father's Day again and I still miss him every day.
  7. I'm truly impressed by how Jerry coaxed this abused old '53 SJ200 back to life and beauty. It was a sad looking guitar and when he plays it at the end of part 2, it is just miraculous. Battle scars and all, this old SJ200 is a beauty! I love that sculpted saddle. Great work.
  8. It does look a bit off but it might be the lighting. Could you post a close-up photo of that mustache bridge? In the photo is look very squared-off without any rounding over. If that is true, it is Chinese. The pickguard and the sunburst look odd as well but again that might be the lighting.
  9. This was awesome. I watched the entire video non-stop. This gentleman has oodles of experience and it was fascinating watching his problem solving and solution processes. I can't wait for part two!
  10. LOL! Thanks! Sounds like a plan. Drive north to Canada and take a left, straight on until you see a cloud of smoke and you're in Calgary! 🙂
  11. Yes. CSN "Carry On" is in E modal tuning dropped a 1/2 step to Eb, so Eb Eb Eb Eb Eb Eb Jerry shows how to tune your guitar for this song in his free intro to how to play the song:
  12. I've had it about seven months now and have played many of my favourite 12 string song on it: Early Morning Rain Hotel California Over The Hills and Far Away Wish You Were Here Norwegian Wood (instead of a sitar) Turn, Turn, Turn Tuesday Afternoon I Believe in Father Christmas (at Christmas time) We Just Disagree My Back Pages and
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