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  1. hi yall!! I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on something for me. I bought a 94 LP standard and when I bought it I was informed that the pickups were 57 classics. whatever they were,,I wanted more balls and more versatility so I swapped in a 498t with coil tapping for the bridge and a P94 at the neck. single coil,,P90,,,or humbucker,,sounds great and covers all the bases for me. anyhow,,,I put the 57 classics(or so I was told) on ebay and had several people tell me they weren't 57 classics. of course they wouldn't tell me what THEY! thought they were,,only that THEY!! didn't think that they were 57 classics. helpful bunch. so I'm posting pics here hoping that one of you knowledgeable forum frequenters would be able to enlighten me. if they are not 57 classics then what the heck are they??? thanks!!!!
  2. hi!! just have on question!! is there anybody here that might know where a person would go to get some details on their LP using the serial number?? just bought a 92(I think) LP standard and was hoping to find out what pickups it has etc etc using the serial number. tried to contact gibson but my name isn't the same as something you do with a knife or hockey stick so they've chosen to ignore me. apparently they haven't installed any phones at the factory yet either cause I couldn't find any such contact info. in this age of so many advanced methods of communication it sure is difficult just to talk to someone who might be able to answer some questions for a customer. any suggestions??? TIA
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