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  1. Wait... Here we go with the "cleaning" again..... 😁
  2. If you actually play the guitar it will wear through the finish on the neck anyway. Also, mine have all had to work in the sun from time to time. That's where the money was that day... If you bought it to look at, or to show off, send it back. If you intend to play it, it's going to get bruised up a bit anyway.
  3. He's a living legend. He's pushing 70. I think he was drunk. I'll cut him some slack, he just loves being Dave and I'm cool with that. Eddie might not be well, and stuff and he's no Roy Orbison. So what.
  4. Yep. I've always preferred 80/20's on everything.
  5. I've never had a problem finding more nice Gibson's than I could afford. That is a nice lineup, though.
  6. Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that ! I'm getting comfortable with this old age. I get away with being grouchy, forgetful, biased, crazy. There are a few disadvantages...
  7. Dig it. That guitar is almost my age...
  8. The main reason I still own my Mesa Blue Angel is because I don't want to deal with idiots. They're everywhere...
  9. I'm pretty much all acoustic for quite some time. I still own a 91 Tele and a 79 SG and a Les Paul Studio and a few amps, but this is my "hoss". 2003 J-45 Rosewood w/ebony board/bridge.
  10. I'm not sentimental at all when it comes to musical gear. I've swapped and or sold stuff that wives and ex wives would have thought I'd never let go...…..
  11. Wow. Those were the days.... I picked up a Fender resonator and really dig it. I'd only had it a few weeks when this was done.
  12. Sorry, I drifted. I would just change the strings. Especially if I had your money......
  13. I spread DNA all over the place. I used to be worse.
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