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  1. You should fire them up once in a while to keep the caps charged. Never let them sit for a year or two.
  2. I liked it, except the volume increase towards the end. I was reading something and had to reach up and turn it down a touch, back to where it was. Pretty nice except for that, old boy.
  3. Go old or stay home. Or if new, buy American from small builders. Don't you make a practice amp badbluesplayer?
  4. Class act from the King of class !
  5. My J-45 is a 2003. It's been gigged enough to have been through some temperature changes here in Illinois, although I am careful to let it acclimate as much as possible. My main reason for this is condensation. Which scares the he11 out of me. While I am careful with instruments because I love them and I payed for them and I will pay for their replacements, I do not "baby" them. I will take them to my cabin without a case, lean them against a wall, and play them in direct sunlight if that's where the gig is. Having said that, my '03 has very little checking in the nitro. Therefore I will say it takes 15/20 years to NATURALLY begin the process.
  6. P-90's are for girls...
  7. Getting ready to get ready for work. Thinking about retiring...
  8. I have an old Champ. I win...
  9. Yea, it is. I have a Gibson one for a backup. Hey I made a pick out of a credit card before. It worked great. Now they are made out of titanium and stuff.
  10. My truck is a Ram...
  11. Paul has allowed quite a lot out in the last 25 years or so. I'm with you. I don't think he's done.
  12. Bohemian Rhapsody just won't go away. I'm sick of it. I was there the first time in the 70's. Then Wayne's World dug it back up. Then the last movie dug it up again. Pour some concrete on it...
  13. Murph

    Happy Fall

    About time....
  14. I went to grade school with Bob Evans (Jr.) in Rio Grande, Ohio in the late 60's. We'd go to his Dads restaurant (the original Bob Evans) and eat for free. I don't remember them having any avocados on the menu.
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