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  1. I'll be retiring in the next few years and this is on my bucket list. I lived in Oregon for a minute when I was 10 and plan to journey up there and try to find a certain spot, or two. Bozeman is a leg of that trip. Hope you all have a good time.
  2. I love 'em. If I was, or ever get, in the market or the itch for a new guitar, it'll be a J200. Best of luck Larry. Keep us posted.
  3. Like I said, this 1933 Gibson mandolin has no pickup. Live, loud and feedback free. It ain't rocket science and people do it ALL THE TIME. Just sayin'...
  4. I'm a huge fan of the little S1-Pro. With the 2 mic inputs and Bluetooth, it's very versatile and sounds incredible for it's size. I use mine all the time. My L1-Compact gives a breath of large, airy quality and spread to the line out of the S1-Pro. I also have a Yamaha mg10xu mixer that I've used a few times with the L1-Compact with a duo that worked quite well. It has some delays if you're into that. I'm becoming a "Naturalist" and really don't care for any effects and digital coloring of a great sounding guitar. Some acoustic players will have larger pedalboards than electric rock guitarist nowadays, but I just don't care for it. Best of luck in your quest.
  5. 😀 I was just impressed anybody knew of the Lost Dutchman's mine. ...
  6. I would NOT drill the endpin. I'd learn to mic it. I have considered removing the pickups on both my J-15 and my J-45, but they sound great and if I ever need the ust's, they work just fine for 99.99% of the crowd. There are very few corksniffers hanging around most places I play. And, most people are dazzled by my skilled playing and brilliant lyrics.....
  7. Jacob Waltz wasn't Dutch, and he wasn't lost. He always knew exactly where he was. And how to get back. I've been all over the Superstitions. Gigged the Lucky Nugget in Apache Junction literally hundreds of times. However, I never found the mine either....
  8. You hear a lot about the opioid problem, but here in the Heartland it's Meth. It's forcing a lot of people to take matters into their own hands, and Nature has a way of balancing itself out. Thanks for that, Sal.
  9. Yes, I've used the L1-Compact with a Yamaha mixer with a duo with 2 guitars, also swapping out mandolin, resonator, harmonica and 2 voices. I would use the SM57 for my guitar, or mandolin, or resonator. An SM58 each for vocals and my partner would use his ust in his Martin. I've never owned a Condenser mic, but will at some point. I think they could be a problem in a small place with a lot of noise. I think that's why a lot of people who insist on mic'ing still use the SM57. Lately I've been using a Bose S-1, which has 2 mic inputs, and lining out to the L1-Compact, but I'm in a sort of hiatus and mostly playing at home. The few times I've used that setup live it has been outstanding. I put the S-1 on the floor tilted back behind me opposite the L1-Compact.
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