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  1. Man, that was great! Well done, old boy.
  2. And we can do it while texting AND eating a cheeseburger.
  3. The envelope has been sitting on my desk a few days. Haven't opened it yet. It's too thin. I bet they want me to do it on line. I think the last time I made them send me the paper one. The Post Office needs the work these day, it's helping create jobs. Plus, it forces them to file it somewhere physical, or upload it themselves. I'm cool with the numbers and stuff, but I swear the last one asked about stupid stuff like toilets, and private stuff like money. I haven't opened it yet...
  4. I will now go WAY out of my way to NOT buy things made in China. I always did prefer "anyplace else", but now it will become fanatical. I will pay triple if so deemed.
  5. We're pretty good with each other. We're only arseholes to people we don't like.
  6. Damn, sorry to hear this. I smoked and drank for decades and was blessed to have never had an accident. Hell, everybody smoked in those days. They would dump ashtrays into big garbage cans in bars, several times a night. It's a wonder there weren't more fires, to be honest. Here's wishing the best, old friend.
  7. I don't care to critique other musicians. I liked them all. I must say I envy those of you who are locked down. My wife and I are both "essential" and at the risk age group as well, although myself more than she. Well done, Tom. Great to see you play and sing.
  8. He never felt dumb. Trust me...
  9. I agree with Larry. Dylan is Dylan.
  10. I feel the same way. I'll never buy a guitar with one. I want real wood.
  11. Great song. We did that in our live shows (Owen sang this one) for years, and would also do "One After 909" with the harmonies. Well done, Sal.
  12. Cool, Notes. So little humor is in good taste anymore. It's been taken over with hate and politics, even during this "crisis". Well played...
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