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  1. Huntington Beach Mayor taking legal action against Newsome... https://ktla.com/news/local-news/newport-beach-councilman-files-lawsuit-against-gov-newsom-over-o-c-beach-battle-as-city-awaits-approval-for-reopening-plans/
  2. Nice job, Sal. I used to cover that back in the day.
  3. I have a J-15 and a J-45 Rosewood/ebony. I like having the same scale length on my stuff. Keeps me more accurate on long slides and stuff.
  4. The "death rate" goes down as they test more people, meaning the odds of dying per hundred, per thousand are dropping like a rock. Most people don't die. Most people don't even get sick. Why is this so hard for you to grasp? You're so angry man. The total deaths in the entire state of Illinois are 2662 as of today. Out of 63,840 who've TESTED positive. You know many thousands more will test positive. Most of that is up North around Chicago. It's not killing masses of people in Southern Illinois. It's just not. All of the hardware stores, lumber yards, farm stores, mower stores, auto parts stores, grocery stores, Walmart's, banks, gas stations, and liquor stores are open. We're doing business. I'm not "going on a cruise". Ever. Everybody gets sick on cruises, it's been on the news for years. I'm just going to work every day. With other Patriots. If you want to cower in your house, that's your right. It's my right not to.
  5. Bingo. But the death rate is dropping like a rock. Which is positive news and reason to get back to business. Just to mention opening up in parts of the Country, where there is little to zero death, causes widespread anger amongst one certain group of people. Anger. It's weird. But, we've got this going our way now.
  6. The least deaths per day in Italy Sunday since this Chinese virus was unleashed. Italy is opening parks today. Bravo!
  7. See, that's the thing. As there are more and more test, the death rate will continue to drop. Meaning your odds of DYING go way down. WAY DOWN... That's why a lot of the "Bozo's" are acting normal. It's because they are not afraid of getting it. They know they'll get over it and be fine. That's me. Not afraid. As bad as it's been in NYC and stuff, it's simply not killing large masses of people here in the Heartland. There's not a single death from it in my County, and we have a County with zero cases. Yet those people are told to cower in there houses. It's stupid.
  8. You can always quit eating. Go ahead. I dare ya...
  9. Power to the people. Right on !
  10. California Counties defy the Newsom Kremlin and are opening up. Some including bars and gyms. https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/05/01/2-more-california-counties-set-to-defy-newsom-lockdown-as-pressure-builds-1281747 Makes me proud to be an American. These Governors are grabbing far more power than they actually have. Push back...
  11. Agriculture. You know. About 40 % of the land in the U.S.A. Farmers are planting, equipment is selling, people are working. There is no lockdown in agriculture. It's essential...
  12. I had the "Hey Jude" album years ago. Rain, Old Brown Shoe. I liked it.
  13. I went to work today. Haven't missed a day yet. Business is picking up, this will be a good quarter.
  14. When you're b!tching about American farmers, be sure you're not doing it with your mouth full...
  15. Over 25% of the Illinois corn crop is in the ground. It would be more had it not been so wet. The ag biz is rockin'...
  16. I'm shocked at how easily some people have given up their rights and livelihood.
  17. Here's the story. https://www.boston.com/news/sports-news/2020/05/01/when-will-sports-return-nascar-coronavirus Our GDP is gaining by the minute now. The engine of capitalism will self-right itself soon.
  18. And Nascar will resume May 17th. Never was a race guy, but I might have to check that out.
  19. May 1. More Freedoms! Illinois Governor says Southern part of the state will be easing restrictions faster due to far less cases in the south. We've actually already been doing that. Quietly....
  20. New Mexico town going Rouge. Dig it....
  21. New Mexico town "Going Rouge" and opening up. People pushing back, I love it.
  22. Yea, I dig these guys.....
  23. Georgia. and Texas will be just fine. Stuff's opening back up all over here too, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. The lockdown is over, by demand. Get over it.
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