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  1. It says that the post is locked,but the guitar is beautiful. Would you consider 2,800 for it? I know it is lower than the asking price but that is what I have as of right now, so I thought I would check. Thank you very much. It is a beautiful guitar. My boyfriend has been longing for this guitar and our 5 yr is coming and I would really like to do something very special. Thank you for your time

  2. I still have the Koa Songwriter. Hit me back. The ad on Craigslist expired long ago, but the ad on the forum is still accurate.

  3. If you still have the koa...I am interested

  4. You never got back to me. Still interested?

  5. if you decide you're interested in a J-45 TV let me know. in a week or so i'm listing mine and will only be asking 2250 plus shipping for it.

    just thought i'd throw that at you. tough to sell right now though. i'm trying to move my sj-200 too and it's just not happening.

    best of luck selling the koa.


  6. It's been mentioned, but I think the Monarch is the most god awful excuses for an instrument! The thing is GAUDY.
  7. Something about koa just turns a guitar into a masterpiece! That is one beautiful instrument!
  8. It's that human touch that gives Gibsons so much character and makes them unique!
  9. Hmmm...was never a big fan of hers to begin with. This isn't helping her case.
  10. Anyone have experience with the change in tone on a j 45 with a bone nut VS. stock?
  11. Man, I like that song too...What a shame.
  12. Holy crap that's beautiful!
  13. There's one for sale right now at the Guitar Showcase in San Jose, CA. I was just there on Saturday.
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