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  1. Here’s one of my own songs I recorded today on my AJ Supreme. (c) Brendan Devereux
  2. Thanks folks - your comments are much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Jinder. I thought I was posting this in the Performance section! So if moderator wants to move it, work away.
  4. Yes Lars - Madi back and sides, Adi top and Ebony fingerboard.
  5. A shout out for my favourite Gibson - 12 were made
  6. What external mic do you recommend Littlejohnny?
  7. Thanks Motherofpearl and Fumblefinger!
  8. Thanks - by the way I have an AJ, an AJ Supreme and a J-185 - love them all!
  9. Apologies! I thought I was posting this in the performance section - can it be moved?
  10. Here's a Soundcloud link to me performing one of my songs at my regular weekly session. To See You Walk Away Sitric
  11. I hope you like these... plenty of Gibson content.
  12. Hopefully link is working now.... I thought I was posting in the Performance section!
  13. I took GTS's advice and contacted First Quality Music. I got a generous reply today from Jeff Sullivan of FQM who informed me that there were indeed 12 AJ Supremes ordered by FQM and all had Madagascar Rosewood back and sides as he recalled. He went on to say that Ren Ferguson worked closely with them on the project.
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