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  1. Hi guys! Long time no talk ! Would you happen to know how much a 2012-13 TV Hummingbird go for nowadays? Thanks
  2. Hi guys! Long time no talk ! Would you happen to know how much a 2012-13 TVHbird go for nowadays? Thanks
  3. Hope the link is working : Enjoy !
  4. Nice family portrait ! I just love that natural wood color, especially on the HD-28
  5. Well recently I went to a major music store. They had a bunch of M guitars and I tried a nice little 00016GT, if my memory serves me right, and man that one sounded pretty pretty good. It didn't help having second thoughts on my Bird though ( see my thread) and about half the price.
  6. Wow thanks to all of you with your input guys ! I will definitely check the strings mentioned. Looks like going from light to medium is not an option then. When it was too humid, the Bird stayed in its case. Nowadays the humidity goes between 52 and 48 %, and yes mr. 62burst, we just had a white carpet last Monday. A set-up is something I did not think; will mention it to my luthier . I think I just got tired of Elixir and putting back the strings such as Masterbuilt and the likes will do the trick. Besides, I have very dry hands so they will stay clean and fresh for a whil
  7. Hi all ! I'm starting to feel my Bird does not always sound that great...Maybe it's the strings (Elixir Phosphor bronze lights) . I recently changed from Elixir 80/20 and still something is not great. The higher strings are a bit too bright at times and thin and the lower ones not deep enough , so I'm not getting a good sweet and rich sound. Maybe I need to switch to medium gage ? And if so, would I need to adjust the neck ? Thanks! p.s. perhaps this has been answered before but my search did not worked so
  8. Oh boy, a blond Bird, now I'm jealous ... Lucky man you are ! We want to hear this beauty
  9. Cool! I will have to try it on my HBird
  10. A young man who changed the musical world for ever. I just love the natural top Bird...too bad Gibson don't do it anymore though...
  11. Humm I m using the same the 80/20 Bronze, but maybe you are using a different type of Elixir like the Phosphor Bronze ? You have a really good sound there .
  12. Wow this bird sure looks and sounds great my friend. What strings are you using?
  13. Not sure if it's rare, but it sure is very nice my friend!!
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