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  1. hey i just pulled the trigger on a 2008 advanced jumbo- waiting for it to arrive. ... anyone with experience with AJ's care to comment?
  2. hey there i am looking seriously at a used Limited edition 60's j-45. its a beautiful sunburst with white guard. It plays nice but looking for thoughts on this particular version of the classic j45?
  3. just picked up a 2001 Gibson WM-45. This is the second one i have purchased. What an awesome guitar, nice clear base and mids, comfortable neck and scale length.. real happy with it!
  4. Hey hoping for some guidance here. Any ideas on the worth of a les paul special from the mid 70's. Here is the catch- so- so tv- yellow refinish and at least one of the p90 is non-original. original pots are intact however caps have been changed. trying to gauge a reasonable offer for the guitar- thanks
  5. looks good to me- i have an es 335 from the 90's that was made in the nashville plant- looks the same- the only thing i am not sure about is the neck body joint. I can remember off had if the binding is done the same way. knobs, tuners and pickguard, nickel hardware, the frets, fingerboard binding and fingerboard wood all look good... what's he asking?
  6. glider

    NGD 345

    looks insane- congrats!! btw the upper bouts look a little skinnier than a typical es 335. i know gibson subtly changed the es 335 body a bit in the 60's 70's so does this one have a skinnier pointier upper bout or is just the angle of the photos- either way it looks unreal
  7. 2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard..... love this guitar- new acquistions that i got in a trade for a MIJ Fender Jazzmaster.. had to add some $$ but loving it..
  8. glider


    Pups Arrested stock bought it from the original owner.. He is a very reliable dude!
  9. glider


    Here is a shot of the body.. She plays real nice
  10. glider


    Hey all just picked up a les paul standard.... Ebony with cream appointments... Guitar dater project says it was built in 2000 in the Nashville factory .. Plays nice , neck is full but not a baseball thick... Nice weight.. Not a brick but heavy enough.. Anyways here's the questions... Is the guitar dater project accurate with dating? What type of pups were used during this era and lastly is in weight relieved or, chambered? I'll post some pictures soon.. Also what string gauge is best for Paul's?
  11. torn between two guitars. any insights in differences in tone and playability would be helpful. does the maple cap on the 60's tribute contribute to increased sustain or is it purely cosmetic. any other significant differences in construction between the two?
  12. The guitar and promo video seem great.. just curious as to any one has one and what their opinions are on the guitar..
  13. Hey- i am trying to get the most out of my ES 335- this is my first experience with the 335. I have got the PUPS height set to a tone i like and it sounds great when playing single string lead lines. my issue is it's tone/Tuning when fretting chords. The guitar seems a to sound a bit out of tune (very slightly) when playing/strumming chords. I have had the frets levelled and the intonation at the twelfth fret harmonic is good. I am in the process of replacing the bridge as it is a bit collapsed. The guy who did the set up tried to correct the bridge problem by playing with the saddle (re-r
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