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  1. Well, if it's the same as what went in the Studio Deluxe then yes. I was able replace my push/push pot with a good Bourns Push/Pull and was able to move the boost PCB to the new pot.
  2. 2012 LP Traditional Pro with my current Mesa Boogie Rig.
  3. I'll add my .02$ as the lone dissenter. I love my LPM (granted I did take off the Zero Fret for a Bone nut, and G-Force for Tone Pros Kluson's). It's weighs a decent amount and has a bright tone that just snarls. I did take out the 61s for a JB neck and a ToneZone in the bridge (61s were just too bright with not enough snarl). I also took out the circuit board and rewired traditionally. I for one love the wider maple neck. I though it might be an issue at first as I play thumb over, but I find it quite comfortable for long periods of playing. I'm not really happy about a 4 piece body, but
  4. cjmwrx

    pickup rings

    They will clear the rings no problem.
  5. That clarifies things significantly. 750.00 is a good price with Case. Gibson prices increased in 2014-15 due to many factors. Cost of materials, inflation, supposedly better QC, the addition of the auto-tuners, etc... Guitar prices generally increase year over year to account for materials cost, labor cost, natural inflation, etc.... In 2008 there was a significant market crash in the US which affected the value of the Dollar. This could be why he paid more, but unlikely. 2008's were not more expensive than a 2014-15. 2500.00 seems more like he is trying to make you feel like you are getting
  6. Seems to me like someone is trying to make a quick buck at your expense. Even over-seas, there is absolutely no reason to pay that much for a Studio. I find it exceedingly hard to believe he paid 2500.00 for a Studio in Sweden, even with kronor exchange rates and duties. I would ask him to prove the price he paid. In any case, pass on this one. That is WAAAYYY over-priced and not nearly worth the purchase. And no, the 2008 model was less expensive than the 2014-2015 models. Scott is right on. A used Studio in the states goes for about 500-900.00 US depending on model. With an Alpin
  7. I would steer clear of that one. Headstock looks all wrong fake. Gibson on the headstock should be inlaid on a custom.
  8. So, this came across my FB feed today. I don't play 7 strings, but I know a few friends that have always wanted a Gibson built LP 7 (Epiphone has had one since 2008 or so) http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Classic-7-String.aspx
  9. I wanted one of these for a LONG time. And when it showed up used at GC, I pounced on it. I am really glad I did.
  10. Thank You. I am very happy with it. Yes, it has a 490R in the neck. I did however swap the A5 magnet in the bridge for an A2 magnet out of a BB3.
  11. 2001 Les Paul Standard Double Cut with 498T
  12. It looks legit. On LPs with black necks and bodies, quite often the serial # and Made in USA stamp are very hard to discern. You could ask the seller for clearer pictures of the back of the headstock.
  13. One has figured maple top and bottom. The other is plain maple top and bottom.
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