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  1. Hey I have a 1982 mahogany gibson explorer and I was wondering what type of pickups are in it? They are gold plated (although they are wearing) but I heard they could be worth a decent amount. The guitar has all gold hardware but does have a few dings. Otherwise it's in great condition. Any idea how much I should expect to get? If anyone knows any specs on this model I would appreciate it! I bought it a few years ago but have since acquired a Les Paul and prefer those over the explorer. Thanks Serial number 83492591 made in USA
  2. I am interested in a black with creme pick guard 1982 Les Paul Standard that my friend is thinking of selling me. How much should I look to spend on it? Everything is stock and it's in pretty good condition. Serial Number 80262644. Also, what kind of neck does this have? Thin? Fat?
  3. Hey! I am looking at a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard and I was just curious if anyone knows the specs of this guitar? The seller says that everything is stock. The serial number is 80262644. What kind of pick-ups does it have? How big is the neck? 50's or 60's neck? It's black with a cream pick guard with minor wear and tear. How much should I expect to pay? Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Here is the craigslist ad http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/2437745293.html
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