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  1. Just got a fantastic EP Les Paul custom

  2. Hello all. I would like to fit a 1970's di mazio pick up to my 1995 Epiphone Les Paul but have no idea about the wireing please see pictures below the di mazio has three wires one black one white and one bare . Thanks
  3. Thanks for your answers all . I did'nt know it was a modified as it seem to be I think I will give it a miss. All the best Woko
  4. Look whats turned up in a local music shop what do you thinks is it worth the money. I have had a quick go it seems ok ,but could do with a set up.
  5. I have one and think it's a great little amp. The first thing I did was change the speaker to a Celestion G10, and put a good set of valves in and I have had no problems whatsoever with it. I have also used the amp live a couple of times I tell you what when you turn it up it sounds like the end of the world. for the price its a great amp for around the house. yours woko.
  6. It.s not my guitar the owner is a friend of my son who seems pleased is guitar is playable again. It plays fine so he wants it back. If it were mine I would spend a bit more time on it.
  7. I know its taken a long time but the job is done at last. Its not the best finish in the world but I am not a pro guitar repairer. and a quick reminder of what I started off with. All the best for the new year Woko
  8. I would do that if the guitar were mine but the owner wants it painted as close to original as I can. I have got a dark red colour and then I will use plastickote to finish.
  9. Just a little more work to do, I wanted to make sure that the guitar plays o.k. before I spend time and money finishing the back of the neck. I can report that the SG plays ok the intonation is fine and the guitar feels solid. Once the job is complete I will put a vidio of it being played on youtube. You will have to excuse the terrible playing mind.
  10. The stings set up nice tonight intonation also set up ok. Guitar sound good. I am now looking forward to finishing off the neck tomorrow.
  11. Thats how this sg looked the first time I saw it. Then it got dropped again (at a gig the owner tells me) and the whole thing came loose.
  12. hello All. The strings are back on the guitar and the head stock has not fallen off yet. It tuned up o.k. but the intonation is all to cock as you would expect. I will sort out the tuning and intonation tomorrow then try to finish the back of the neck on Saturday. Pics to follow soon. Thank all for you interest in this project.
  13. Hello All. I have now sanded down the neck, re-fitted the machine heads and nut. I will re-string it tomorrow night and make sure the head stock dose not come flying off in my hand, before I finish the back of the neck. If all is well I will post new pics.
  14. This is The Senators a merseybeat band I was in for twenty years or so. This a band called the dirty dogs it's me my son and some friend. this is the Senators again
  15. I have taken the clamps off today so far so good I will get the neck rubbed down tomorrow then we can see what is going on. This is not as bad as it looks all the marks are from the backing paper.
  16. New pics now the clamps are off. Pease see new thread
  17. Hello All. The clamps will be coming off later today and I will post a coupe of pics of the neck later.
  18. The picks are of the glued result I will be removing the clamps this afternoon.more pics later.
  19. Yes my Les Paul standard has Gibson on t.r.c. my guitar is an old one from 1995. Great guitar though.
  20. Welcome to the forum. Thats a nice guitar you have there, It will sound even better when you get your new amp. All the best Woko.
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