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  1. Not sure off the top of my head' date=' but you should be able to get a diagram from the DiMarzio website.

    I could look at mine later, but I'm sure someone will help you out before I get a chance.


    Is that a Super-2? It sure looks like one. If it is, you have one heck of a great pickup, there. Excellent for the neck position.[/quote']



    I don't know I have had it for donkeys years it's never been fitted to any of my guitars. how can I tell if it's a neck or bridge pick up.

  2. I have one and think it's a great little amp. The first thing I did was change the speaker to a Celestion G10, and put a good set of valves in and I have had no problems whatsoever with it. I have also used the amp live a couple of times

    I tell you what when you turn it up it sounds like the end of the world.


    for the price its a great amp for around the house.


    yours woko.

  3. Just a little more work to do, I wanted to make sure that the guitar plays o.k. before I spend time and money finishing the back of the neck. I can report that the SG plays ok the intonation is fine and the guitar feels solid.

    Once the job is complete I will put a vidio of it being played on youtube. You will have to excuse the terrible playing mind.













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